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on camera

Being filmed, as in When the talk-show host began, I wasn't sure if we were on camera. This usage dates from the first half of the 1900s, soon after the birth of motion-picture and television filming. The same is true of the antonym off camera, meaning "outside the view of a movie or TV camera," as in Go ahead and scratch-we're off camera now.
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on ˈcamera

being filmed or shown on television: Are you prepared to tell your story on camera?
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in camera

Outside of the public view: The committee met in camera to discuss the report.
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off camera

Outside the field of view of a movie camera.
See also: camera, off

on camera

Within the field of view of a movie camera.
See also: camera, on
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As one of the "three sacred treasures," the digital camera has been critical to the consumer electronics industry, but many DSC makers have started to experience excess inventories and deteriorating profits.
The Digital Camera in Education: http:// drscavanaugh.
In this robust sales environment Nokia is preparing to launch its Nokia 7610 in Latin America within summer 2004, as part of the company's movement toward providing phones with improved imaging capability and camera quality, said Yolande Pineda, Nokia's director of communications for Latin America.
While one to six megapixel digital camera models are available, users will want a more expensive higher megapixel model when using digital images for print purposes.
2-megapixel digital camera employing the new proprietary Super CCD SR sensor technology.
In 1490, Leonardo Da Vinci gave two clear descriptions of the camera obscura in his notebooks.
Hengstebeck adds that even if every resident doesn't have a camera, using a camera to document the abuse of one resident will make the facility safer for all residents.
This cleverly designed PC video camera produced the sharpest images of the two products.
But there is reason to believe that crime is not so much reduced as displaced, pushed beyond camera range.
No one CCD camera can do better than the rest," says Mayan Automation president Michael Braeuel.
From the cameras' Face Detection technology that detects multiple human faces in a scene and the new Red-eye Correction feature that greatly reduces that cursed condition that can occur with flash photography, to the on-board Intelligent Orientation Sensor that automatically detects whether the camera is being held and shot vertically or horizontally, these Canon cameras give users the freedom to shoot and share their photos with incomparable ease.
One day somebody got the bright idea of mounting a camera and pointing it down onto a document and portraying that on a television," says Carmen Aiken, a sales representative for Tampa, Fla.
The Fujifilm Axia Eyeplate camera is 6mm thick--about the size of three credit cards stacked together.
What's more, the PowerShot TX1 digital camera has easy connectivity to play its movies or high quality stills back on high-def TVs, thanks to Canon's thoughtful inclusion of a convenient component video output terminal.
The PowerShot SD1000 Digital ELPH camera dispenses with the contours of the PowerShot SD750 Digital ELPH model in favor of a more, modern, minimalist aesthetic with cleanly rendered lines and squared - off edges.