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cam (red)

n. Cambodian red marijuana. He claims he scored some cam.
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n. a camera, used mainly in advertisements and documentaries, that is shaken and moved constantly to create a sense of excitement, urgency, or crisis. We can’t afford much in the way of costumes for the sequence, so we will use the shaky-cam and shoot it in dim light.
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Attention was further focused on CAM providers with the 1995 passage of a Washington state law requiring health insurance plans to provide access to alternative health care providers (chiropractors, acupuncturists, and naturopaths) to treat conditions that would be otherwise covered under their health plan.
Cam remembered the man, even had an old photo of him.
But he speculated that part of the appeal of Web cams is their novelty.
Angel Dubreuil, CAM 1st Lake Properties Metairie LA
CAM owns 23 million shares of Chiron common stock, representing 21 percent of all shares held by shareholders other than Novartis.
Amber Clapton, CAM Maxus Properties North Kansas MO
Elliott says the recent generation of PC-based CAM software is primarily based on Microsoft Windows.
To do so, however, they had to triumph over the fact that ECC is based on read operations, yet the majority of operations in CAM are searches, and read operations only occur sometimes.
At night, visitors to Kakadu Cam will be able to hear the authentic sounds of Australian animals as they hunt, feed and play.
Certified Apartment Manager * CAM Rachel Allawas, CAM Easlan Management Gwen Angelares, CAM Villa De Madison Christy Ansley, CAM Marks Church Commons Kimberly Back, CAM Anthony Baham, CAM Bonaventure Tracey Barnes, CAM Megan Barrett, CAM Hunt Pacific Management Zach Baton, CAM Riley Beiro, CAM Metropolitan at Lorton Station Jorge Benavides, CAM U.
com/research/dg7fsd/global_cam) has announced the addition of the "Global Cam Follower Industry Report 2014" report to their offering.
The CAM^EXAM may be used to evaluate a potential CAM's EVM knowledge, determine corporate CAM training effectiveness, or assess current CAMs' knowledge in key EVM concepts often expected of contractors.
There sure are a lot of cam designs out there, and it's getting harder and harder to keep track of what they do--and don't do.
CAM was developed jointly by CAMA and the Canadian Centre for Sales and Marketing.
Builds molds with automatic unscrewing, cam action, hot runners, and insulated hot probes.