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calm your tits

rude slang Calm down. Relax. Oh, calm your tits, Maggie—we'll be home before curfew.
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After a storm comes a calm,

 and After the storm comes a calm.; The calm after a storm.
Prov. Things are often calm after an upheaval. Jill: I can't believe how peaceful the office is today, when yesterday everyone was either being fired or threatening to quit. Jane: After a storm comes a calm.
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calm down

to relax; to become less busy or active. Now, now, calm down. You look so nervous. Please calm down. Nothing bad is going to happen.
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calm someone (or an animal) down

to cause someone or an animal to be less active, upset, or unsettled. Please try to calm yourself down! Can you calm down your yapping dog?
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cool, calm, and collected

Cliché [of a person] very calm and poised. James did very well in his TV appearances. He stayed cool, calm, and collected. The bad news didn't seem to distress Jane at all. She remained cool, calm, and collected.
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lull before the storm

 and calm before the storm
a quiet period just before a period of great activity or excitement. (Literal in reference to weather.) It was very quiet in the cafeteria just before the students came in for lunch. It was the lull before the storm. In the brief calm before the storm, the clerks prepared themselves for the doors to open and bring in thousands of shoppers.
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the calm before the storm

a quiet period immediately before a period of great activity or trouble the lull before the storm For most teachers, the days just before the school year begins are the calm before the storm.
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the calm before the storm

a peaceful and quiet period before a period of activity or trouble The family are arriving this afternoon so I'm just sitting down with a cup of coffee, enjoying the calm before the storm.
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cool, calm, and collected

Calm and composed, self-possessed. For example, No matter what the board decides, you have to appear cool, calm, and collected in front of the stockholders . This alliterative synonym for cool as a cucumber dates from the late 1800s.
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calm down

1. To become less agitated, active, or unsettled: When the wind calmed down, we went outside to assess the storm's damage.
2. To cause someone or something to become less angry, active, or unsettled: The leader calmed down the angry mob by addressing their complaints. Listening to music before going to bed calms me down and helps me sleep.
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cool, calm, and collected

mod. cool; unabashed. Albert is almost always cool, calm, and collected.
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References in classic literature ?
It even became an occupation in the calm, to wonder when the wind WOULD spring up in the favourable quarter, where, it was clearly shown by all the rules and precedents, it ought to have sprung up long ago.
There was yet another kind of passenger, and but one more, who, in the calm and the light winds, was a constant theme of conversation and observation among us.
But softly-spoken Garde was quiet and calm against City, even amid a late onslaught.
The 120-second advert, created by the mindfulness app, Calm, which recently surpassed 2.
When I used Canine Calm on July 4th, a calm came over him and he stopped shaking
They can keep residents focused by maintaining eye contact with them, speaking and reassuring in a calm manner.
In fewer than 100 pages, the book includes surveys and anecdotes to help you find solutions to balance your home and work life, while providing useful information for achieving Dot Calm in this increasingly complex world.
A person who prefers calm conversation will not deal well with a screamer just as a screamer will not deal well with the calm person.
In her mind, if she does her job well, he remains calm.
With CALM Act rules going into effect on December 13,2012, MVPDs need to be prepared to validate compliance for both inserted and embedded commercials, even on certified content.
CALM can change this," notes Todis McDonald, a volunteer who is helping launch the organization.
Canine Calm is also available as an essential oil concentrate for use in diffusers to help create a calming atmosphere in home, business or shelter.
MERSEYSIDE charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) has become the chosen charity for city centre Indian restaurant East z East.
Earlier on Saturday the firm launched T-shirts for sale with messages including "keep calm and hit her".