have calluses from patting own back

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have calluses from patting one's own back

 and break one's arm patting oneself on the back
Fig. to be a braggart. If you haven't heard about Bill's latest achievement, he'd be glad to tell you. He has calluses from patting his own back. Jane: I did a really wonderful job, if I do say so myself. Tom: If you're not careful, you'll break your arm patting yourself on the back.
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4 dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) in order, to induce the somaclonal variants by somatic embryos or organogenesis on callus, obtained from stems and leafs of both varieties.
To accelerate the obtainment process of in vitro plants for genetic manipulation, this study evaluated the immature tassel response of 5 South Brazilian maize genotypes in 4 different culture media in relation to the capacity of embryogenic callus production and growth as well as the regeneration of plants from these calli.
Softer skin: The results of a callus peel at At One Day Spa.
Determination of Shoot elongation, rooting and establishment; Micro shoots along with a part of callus at the base derived from shoot bud development treatment ([B.
Thomas Weber, supplier relationship management at Callus, comments, "Callus has vast market experience and the widest customer base in the label printing industry.
For callus induction, the basal part of the 6 day old seedling hypocotyls were dissected (0.
Into each well they placed half-gram pieces of leafy spurge callus and a drop of DRB.
Instead of draining the sore, the veterinarian anesthetized the dog and surgically removed the callus.
My reservations about Skulj's editing notwithstanding, the Callus complete edition is an important work of musicology.
A callus has developed on the skin so that it's not too sensitive.
This year's program will focus on strengthening the understanding of human rights in China though workshops for officials and community workers on ways to stop the trafficking of women and children, Callus said.
6 grams of carrot callus medium into 500mL/1000mL of distilled water and 2.
Under a scanning electron microscope, the guts of caterpillars that ate enzyme-enhanced callus had many little rips.
The higher concentration of NAA over BA in the medium (MB2) caused significant total cucurbitacins production in the callus cultures of leaf and root explants (5.