call forth

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call forth

1. To instruct or signal someone to step forward or come to the front of a group. A noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "forth" or after "forth." Counselor, you may call forth your first witness. Do not step forward until they call you forth.
2. To induce a certain reaction, emotion, or behavior (which is stated between "call" and "forth" or after "forth"). Lots of people tear up at the art museum. Beautiful artwork is known to call very strong emotions forth. The catastrophe called forth great bravery from the victims and emergency responders alike.
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call someone forth

to call to someone to come out or come forward. The principal called Wally forth. Please call forth Wally again.
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call something forth

[for an event] to draw a particular quality or induce a particular behavior. The battle called extraordinary courage forth from the soldiers. It called forth great courage.
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call forth

1. To summon someone to come forward; beckon someone: The judge called me forth and asked me to tell what happened at the crime scene. The coach called forth the winners and presented them with a trophy.
2. To evoke or elicit some result or reaction: The love song called forth sad memories. I held back my tears through most of the story, but the tragic ending called them forth.
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What calls forth that adjective is not only what Simpson has found in his period but, perhaps even more, what he has made of it.
His assistant Kelley sees these angels, and also calls forth a demon, from which Dee tries to escape.
However, very strong stories are here, especially the ones that strategically begin and close the collection, among them "The Eve of the Last Apollo," about an astronaut, his shallow public career, his unhappy marriage, and his wife's leaving him for a commune's leader; "Blumfeld, an Elderly Bachelor," on the self-destructive late-life sexual awakening of an accountant; and "Mengele's Jew," which finds the Nazi war criminal imagining one last Jewish cage, a vision that calls forth moral judgment.
They contend that the innate system not only calls forth the adaptive system but provides it with chemical cues that tailor the response of T and B cells.
Martin's) exquisitely mixes essay, memoir, fiction, and a slew of Wildean epigrams ("Lack calls forth desire, but it is desire that conjures lack").
DePrima's sculpture calls forth the women of the new millennium to celebrate their femininity.
It also calls forth acting talents from these excellent performers, roles they filled with considerable relish.
To Americans weaned on visions from Soylent Green, a sci-fi film made in 1973, the specter of overpopulation calls forth images of city squares so crowded with people that giant scoopers must shovel them clear like dirt.