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95/month -- Fonix Fone Small Office Unlimited International Plan -- unlimited calling to the United States, Canada and Western Europe
95/month -- Fonix Fone Basic for Medium/Enterprise Customers -- PBX/Centrex replacement solution free on-net and local calling and long distance/international calling at low rates
95/month -- Fonix Fone Enhanced for Medium/Enterprise Customers -- PBX/Centrex replacement solution for free on-net and local calling and long distance/international calling at low rates, also Web-portal access for remote office functionality
For consumers who prefer to dial directly from their home telephones, there are many international direct-dialed calling plan options, including offers by SBC Long Distance featuring some of the lowest calling rates to Mexico, Latin America and other countries.
Greater Calling combines audio conferencing services with online registration and payment, making hosting or attending a prayer call, such as this historic event, simple and cost-effective.
Providing a link for 2 million people to join in prayer is an incredible opportunity combining my years of professional technology experience with a personal passion for serving other Christians," said Mark Jackson, co-founder of Greater Calling and chairman and CEO of Moreson Conferencing, Inc.
is a leading provider of integrated wholesale audio and web conferencing services, bring nearly 20 years experience in teleconferencing to Greater Calling.
The GloPhone's conference calling feature is an extremely cost-effective way for businesses to converse on a regular basis, and is especially useful for organizations that can use the application for training/seminars, motivational meetings, crisis management, new hire orientations, product updates, continuing education, operations meetings, project coordination and company updates.
Our customers have asked us for this conference calling feature, and we are pleased to now offer this new capability on the GloPhone," said Edward Cespedes, president of Voiceglo.
The Call-in-One eliminates the awkwardness of other Voice-over-IP (VoIP) solutions, by combining free Internet calling with your traditional home phone service," says Michael Robertson, SiPphone.
For Internet-based calling to move into the mainstream, it needs to operate identically to the existing phone.
Gryphon Exemption Advisor is the first technology to enter the market that entirely automates the exemption management process for the calling agent.
Businesses may call consumers within eighteen months of a financial transaction, within three months of an application or inquiry, at any time following written permission to call, and may call any consumer with whom the calling agent has a personal relationship.