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We call upon all parties to put the state interests before the personal and party ones", added Garrett.
It also called upon the ICCIA and other relevant stake holders to conduct regular training programmes focusing on knowledge sharing, adopting of best practices and exchange of technology; and to call upon the private sector to emphasize the need of diversified products and find new markets in the member states.
All the equipment bought with the Defra funding will be added to the National Asset Register of flood rescue resources that emergency services across the country can call upon in the event of a major flood.
I respectfully call upon our people to safeguard democracy and the dignity of the motherland by united, resolute, calm and peaceful behavior to ensure Sri Lanka's position in the community of nations as one that respects human rights and protects democracy.
They will pay handsomely, as an insurance policy, even during times when it seems that the grid is very stable and will likely not call upon your facility to curtail the load that was bid in.
We the citizens of Nagasaki call upon the world with a renewed sense of urgency, even as we reflect upon the intense suffering of those who have already perished.
We also call upon all the armed men to evacuate the holy shrine and not to violate its holiness.
We call upon all Christians to join the crusade against Long John Silw'r's and Red Lobster," the website reads.
Getting broad audiences to commit to a vision of racial justice requires scripting new metaphors that call upon familiar examples of mutual success.
My spiritual background tells me that it's not a bad idea to call upon the presence of someone greater than we are to help us in our deliberations" Councilman John Walters told the Chicago Tribune.
Conference of Mayors met in Southern California to discuss a crisis in affordable housing and to call upon Congress for money to build homes and apartments for low-income residents.
Research has shown that teachers tend to call upon boys more in class, partly because time is tight and teachers need to move the lessons along," MacDonald says.