call off

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call off

1. To cancel a project, event, or activity. A noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "off" or after "off." Stop all printing—the boss has called off this project! I was supposed to go out tonight, but Marisa is sick and called off our dinner. The coach called football practice off because of the rain.
2. To stop or restrain a person or animal that is behaving aggressively. A noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "off" or after "off." Can you please call off your mother so she stops interrogating me? I'll tell you anything you want to know, just call off your dogs!
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call someone (or an animal) off someone or something

 and call someone or an animal off
to request that someone or an animal stop bothering or pursuing someone or something; to call a halt to an attack by someone or an animal. Please call your dogs off my brother. Call off your spying on me, or else!
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call something off

to cancel an event. It's too late to call the party off. The first guests have already arrived. Because of rain, they called off the baseball game.
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call off something

also call something off
to decide not to do something that was planned Why should I call off the trip when I've already paid for it?
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call off

1. Summon away, restrain, as in Please call off your dog. [Early 1600s]
2. Cancel some plan or undertaking, as in She decided to call off their engagement, or In case of rain the picnic will be called off. [Late 1800s]
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call off

1. To cancel or postpone something: We called off the trip when two of people who were supposed to go became sick. The union called the strike off after the management gave in to their demands.
2. To order someone or something to stop attacking or aggressing: The police called off the dogs after the suspect surrendered. The commander called his troops off when the enemy retreated.
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Be advised that flight attendants who do call off their flights claiming personal illness or industrial injury over the next two weeks will be required to substantiate their illness or injury with a doctor's certificate.
Stainforth was another track to fall victim to the elements on Friday, the south Yorkshire venue having to call off after four races due to frost.
The roiling surf and water temperature contributed to the Coast Guard's decision to call off its search.
MARCH 3: Towcester, Bangor and Wincanton all call off meetings.
A spokesman for Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott said the development was "very encouraging" but added: "We would like to see them call off the threat of industrial action completely because we still have to keep 19,000 troops on standby.
The decision to call off the blockades was the right one.
NAV Aust-Agder estimates that the contract has a total value of NOK untill 9000 000,- calculated that, on average, made a call off per six months over a 3 year period.
A 100-strong search team scoured the area but police have now decided to call off the hunt.
Organisations interested in bidding should note that any framework agreement awarded will be a call off agreement and that services will be commissioned on an as and when basis.
He said: "The decision made to call off the England game was disappointing, but it does not necessarily threaten our game.
Lot 5 General Building (individual call off contracts up to 150k GBP East Cornwall).
The cabinet yesterday upped the stakes in the stand-off by formally requesting that UEFA call off the match.
The framework entitles the contracting authority as well as Flintshire County Council, Conwy County Council and Denbighshire County Council to access and call off works from the contract.
Contract notice for Provision Of A Remote Revenues And Benefits Handling Service On A Call Off Basis.
On Friday and Saturday workers "marched on" members of the administration to tell them that they have to stop the call offs, because patients are in immediate danger.