call into question

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call (someone or something) into question

To cause someone or something to be viewed with doubt. I considered Walt for the promotion, but his constant lateness soon called that decision into question. Such a significant error really calls all of the experiment's results into question.
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call someone or something into question

to cause someone or something to be evaluated; to examine or reexamine the qualifications or value of someone or something. Because of her poor record, we were forced to call Dr. Jones into question. We called Dr. Jones's qualifications into question.
See also: call, question
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bishops, Thomas Gumbleton of Detroit and Matthew Clark of Rochester to call into question the Church's teaching on homosexuality.
These strategies sound simple, but they are challenging and even revolutionary, because they call into question many commonly held beliefs about teaching and about how high schools work," said Merrill Vargo, executive director of Springboard Schools.
The findings call into question a widely used estimate of the carbon dioxide emitted when residents of the tropics chop down trees, burn vegetation, and convert forests into pastures and crop fields.
To do less would call into question their own right to serve.
But the work made little sense as a critique of MacKinnon's position, since it relied on the very sensationalism that such a critique would call into question.
Reports that transdifferentiation does not occur call into question the promise of stem cell therapy.
These findings call into question the relevance of the existing European Community standards for coastal bathing waters.