call into question

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call (someone or something) into question

To cause someone or something to be viewed with doubt. I considered Walt for the promotion, but his constant lateness soon called that decision into question. Such a significant error really calls all of the experiment's results into question.
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call someone or something into question

to cause someone or something to be evaluated; to examine or reexamine the qualifications or value of someone or something. Because of her poor record, we were forced to call Dr. Jones into question. We called Dr. Jones's qualifications into question.
See also: call, question
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These findings call into question the use of expert opinion in estimating practice pattern model inputs prior to a product's use in clinical practice, warranting a re-evaluation of COX-2 cost effectiveness models," said lead author Emily Cox, PhD, of Express Scripts.
The results don't call into question anything basic about relativity theory.
These transactions call into question the arms-length nature of business conducted among KSL and its affiliates, partners and principals.
however, the researchers say, "confirmation of these tentative results would call into question the assumption of a constant sun in current [long-range] climate forecasts.
In view of public statements made by King that call into question its willingness to honor its obligation to complete the transaction, Elan has, as previously announced on Monday March 17, 2003, filed a lawsuit against King and certain of its subsidiaries in the Supreme Court of the State of New York to compel King to perform its agreement to complete its previously announced purchase of Elan's primary care franchise.
Indeed, recent findings reported in New Orleans at last week's annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience call into question some of the results of earlier, more promising cell transplant experiments that did not involve transplanting human fetal cells into humans.
This would call into question the company's historical collection performance numbers.