call away

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call someone away (from something)

to ask someone to come away from some place or from doing something. The boss called Kathy away from her office. The principal called away the teacher from the classroom. Why did you call Kathy away?
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But if they want me to play I'm only a phone call away "They are pretty stubborn and don't want to admit they are wrong.
Cast bullet accuracy is only a phone call away, so give Frank a ring.
Only a fraction of Reservist soldiers will be called up to serve in the Gulf, but it is true this man may be only a phone call away from it.
Usually the alert is the result of client testing, but if a serious problem is detected maintenance and repair is only a Gateway Telephone call away, he says.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Keeping in touch with the home front is now just a phone call away for America's troops deployed in Haiti, thanks to telephone facilities provided by AT&T.
Tim, a Purdue University graduate with 18 years' experience in mechanical goods compounding, underscores our commitment to having knowledgeable technical support only a phone call away.
If a participant or event manager should experience a problem, WebDialogs support is a quick phone call away.
Our staff are a free phone call away 24-hours a day on: 080 8800 3344.
Nokia's dedicated customer care representatives are a simple call away to assist users in familiarizing themselves with Nokia Real Estate Solution applications and improving their general mobile productivity.
I fear the men in white coats are only a phone call away.
And it accuses Tony Blair of failing to keep his promise that a NHS dentist is just a phone call away at NHS Direct.
When you use Struktol products, the answers to your questions are literally a phone call away.
It is also useful when a wrong turn or off-ramp exit leaves drivers dazed and confused; directions are just a quick search and phone call away.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- For the first time in history, people are now only a phone call away from experiencing the ultimate rock `n' roll vacation.
Hubby Ashley is only ever a phone call away, and although Chez can't possibly have any money worries, she knows a good bargain when she sees one.