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calculate (something) into (something)

To include a particular amount as one does calculations. When you submit your travel expenses for reimbursement, be sure to calculate gas into the total. Wait, I didn't calculate the tip into each person's total, so we need to give the server more money.
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calculate on (something)

To consider or think about something. He'll have an answer for you soon—he's been calculating on your offer for days.
See also: calculate, on

calculate on something

Rur. to think about or plan on something. Let me calculate on this a little bit. He's busy calculating on a serious problem.
See also: calculate, on

calculate something into something

 and calculate something in
to include something in one's calculations. Did you calculate the cost of the cake into the total? Yes, I calculated in all the costs.
See also: calculate
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Bolt Pattern Layouts - enter start angle, number of bolts, diameter and optional x, y offset; calculate x and y coordinates.
Also, the ARC 2020 calculates shear stress from the pressure transducer inserted into the barrel at a low position and from a load cell connected to the piston.
Next, we calculate the employee productivity with the two additional weeks of vacation.
The formula may look complicated, but you can easily calculate your balloon's volume by following the steps below.
Once the election is made, the charity will calculate its net tax remittance or refund using the general rules and must apportion its purchases between its taxable and exempt activities when calculating its entitlement to input tax credits and rebates.
For example, Pharmacia Animal Health's exclusive Total Opportunity Planner enables producers to pinpoint where variability is occurring and calculate its opportunity cost.
Actual ESO data are also used to calculate the fraction of ESOs that will be forfeited without exercise after the vesting date (but prior to the expiration date).
With spindle loads, the virtual prototype can be used to very quickly and accurately calculate the loads on all other components.
In the MP-PIC scheme, the particles are mapped to the grid and treated as a fluid to calculate particle spatial gradients.
One method uses a CPU, another method uses custom hardware, or a XOR engine in the array controller to calculate the XOR data.
To calculate your estate tax liability, first you'll need to have calculated your adjusted gross estate (AGE).
Traditionally, the obligation to calculate and remit sales tax is imposed on the supplier.
said including monthly dues to calculate returns ``is not the way we would measure it.
At a bare minimum, these packages can calculate part weights and volumes, which leaves the user a considerable amount of remaining work to flesh out a quote.
Taxpayers can calculate their own internal indexes or use indexes published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).