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piece of cake

A very easy task or accomplishment. I thought I was going to fail the test, but it turned out to be a piece of cake!
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take the cake

1. To be the worst in a series of negative actions. Primarily heard in US. When I found out he had been reading through my text messages, well, that took the cake! You charged me for the drink you spilled on me? That really takes the cake!
2. To be the best or the most outstanding. You've done some nice murals, but this one takes the cake!
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1. n. money. (From bread, dough.) I can’t scrape together enough cake to do the job.
2. Go to cakes.
References in classic literature ?
cried his lady, while John stood laughing and wiping the caked dirt from his fingers.
She shook her head in curt negation while, caked in mud and inexpressibly serious-faced, Fyne seemed to be backing her up with all the weight of his solemn presence.
He stood, unsteady on his legs, meek, and caked over in half- dried mud, while the two men talked around him in an incomprehensible tongue.
A black ruler gagged him, the ends lashed behind his neck, the blood upon it caked to bronze in the gaslight.
I examined the barrel which was driven on shore, and soon found it was a barrel of gunpowder; but it had taken water, and the powder was caked as hard as a stone; however, I rolled it farther on shore for the present, and went on upon the sands, as near as I could to the wreck of the ship, to look for more.