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welfare Cadillac

Used to describe a person or group who receives government financial aid (perhaps fraudulently) and buys expensive, ostentatious things. As a someone who is struggling financially without the help of the government, I find those welfare Cadillacs infuriating.
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1. n. the name of something powerful or superior. (From the name of the automobile.) Acme is the Cadillac of monochrome closed-circuit retail surveillance equipment.
2. n. a powerful drug, especially cocaine. (Drugs.) Just a pinch of Cadillac in my junk seems to keep me a little more lively.


1. and hog cadillac n. a large car; a souped up car. (see also road hog.) How do you like my new hog? Where are you going to park that hog cadillac.
2. n. a police officer; a pig. The hogs are on to you.
3. n. an addict who requires very large doses to sustain the habit. (Drugs.) Ernie is turning into a hog. He just can’t get enough.
4. n. phencyclidine (PCP), an animal tranquilizer. (Drugs.) We’re glad to learn that the demand for hog is tapering off.

hog cadillac

See hog
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