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cadge (something) from (someone)

slang To borrow something from someone. I need to cadge your textbook from you before the big test.
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cadge something from someone

 and cadge something off someone
Sl. to beg or borrow something from someone. Go cadge some sugar from the lady next door. I cadged this jacket off a friendly guy I met.
See also: cadge

cadge something from someone

and cadge something off someone
tv. to beg or borrow something from someone. I cadged this jacket off a friendly guy I met. He tried to cadge a ten-spot from me.
See also: cadge, something

cadge something off someone

See also: cadge, off, something
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LES FERDINAND will pilot his helicopter to matches next season in his role as a Premiership pundit - but his new colleague Tim Sherwood won't be cadging lifts any time soon.
I mean, violence andintimidation are nothing like as heinous as cadging a free flight, are they?
Boozing, snorting coke, cadging money, evading debts, seducing anything with a pulse, blackmail, murder, assault, shooting off guns and playing bad tennis - it's all in the course of the day for black sheep Richter Boudreau (Stoltz) and his lowlife friends.
He's never rude to my fiance's face but he has little digs at me about him, saying he treats our house like a hotel and he's always cadging cigarettes.
He was comfortable in a local pub in Drumchapel watching football on satellite TV, or in a community hall cadging a cup of tea and a biscuit or three.
Companies which allow people to smoke in the office lose pounds 50million a year in lost productivity because it's estimated one minute is wasted for every cigarette smoked, due to time taken cadging from colleagues and searching in bags for matches.
THIS looks like an accident waiting to happen - Amy Winehouse cadging fags on the central reservation of the M40 yesterday
RACING driver Michael Schumacher has been reduced to cadging a lift in his daughter's toy car after spinning out of the F1 championship.
Sgt Dean Barnes, who was in Helmand with the prince, joked: "He made out he was a non-smoker - then started cadging cigs.
You might think that cadging pounds 20 off family friend Fern Britton and using her dressing room at This Morning is bending the rules - and you'd be right.
He spends all his money in the pub or at the bookies and sometimes arrives the worse for drink, cadging money off me to buy her a burger.
HOULLIER: Consolation Cup; BOLAM as cadging Collier
A STUDENT cadging his way around the world by promising to namecheck people on his website reckons his free trip could last as long as five years.