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cadge something from someone

 and cadge something off someone
Sl. to beg or borrow something from someone. Go cadge some sugar from the lady next door. I cadged this jacket off a friendly guy I met.
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cadge something from someone

and cadge something off someone
tv. to beg or borrow something from someone. I cadged this jacket off a friendly guy I met. He tried to cadge a ten-spot from me.
See also: cadge

cadge something off someone

See also: cadge, off
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PRINCE Harry cadged a lift home with the England rugby team yesterday after missing his flight from Paris.
This time, Air Miles Andy cadged a lift on the publicly funded, fuelchugging family jet to jaunt up to Carnoustie to watch the Open, claiming it was justified because he was fulfilling an official obligation for the Royal And Ancient Golf Club.
So what do you get the woman who's cadged everything?
The only girl in Belle and Sebastian, Sarah, is one of my closest friends, and over the years I have helped her through the ups and downs, cadged countless back-stage passes, drunk all their booze and tried to steal their Brit award.
Given it's also in the town centre only a 10-minute stagger away from Recreation Park, it's handy for visiting football fans who've cadged a lift up to Clackmannanshire.
Wills, 20, cadged three pounds from his burly minder to hand to the blushing teenagers.
KYLIE nearly had to delay her Sheffield gig when her silver boots cadged a lift on a lorry going to Glasgow.
Ramon Stoppelenburg, 24, cadged a free train ride from Paris to get here.
Long, a wandering fruit picker, cadged money off backpackers by saying he was broke after paying for leukaemia treatment for his daughter.