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cadge (something) from (someone)

slang To borrow something from someone. I need to cadge your textbook from you before the big test.
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cadge something from someone

 and cadge something off someone
Sl. to beg or borrow something from someone. Go cadge some sugar from the lady next door. I cadged this jacket off a friendly guy I met.
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cadge something from someone

and cadge something off someone
tv. to beg or borrow something from someone. I cadged this jacket off a friendly guy I met. He tried to cadge a ten-spot from me.
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cadge something off someone

See also: cadge, off, something
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On the other hand paediatric oncologists say that religion can help families cope with a dying child or an unfavorable medical outcome, said Cadge.
If he is on a walking holiday he should walk and not cadge lifts.
And with no car at Bunessan on Saturday, one constable needed to cadge a lift to report for duty at Craignure, 30 miles away.
I managed to cadge it off him as I wanted to find out how the public would react.
Lead author Wendy Cadge, a sociologist, found that the prayers fell into one of three categories: about 28 percent of the prayers were requests of God, while 28 percent were prayers to both thank and petition God, while another 22 percent of the prayers thanked God.
He revealed that they have to cadge ammunition, their food is stolen by Taliban looters, and their guns are melting in the heat.
The on/off boyfriend of model Kate Moss emerged from Telford police station in Shropshire in good spirits, pausing to cadge a cigarette from a reporter and proceeding to nurse a pint of Guinness at a nearby pub.
Ah think if Ah'd been in it Ah'd 'ave been tempted ter cadge a lift on a quahrt stretch.
And the draughtsman will need to cadge time off for Tuesday's tie.
Mark, of course, is always trying to cadge production funds from the dry, frail octogenarian, but his genuine affection for the guy is unmistakable.
He insisted she was "out of control" and tried to cadge cigarettes and beer off him.
OLLIE the owl doesn't give a hoot for life on the wing, he'd rather cadge a lift on his owner's scooter.
In many cases it is this hardship which leads to the desperation that causes them to try to cadge money from passers-by.
Samantha Cadge, 26, hired Marwan Goodridge when her ex started seeing her mate after they split up.
My two grandchildren are so beautiful I want to live to see them grow up and cadge money off me.