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space cadet

A person considered out of touch with reality. I tried having a serious conversation with her, but she's such a space cadet that I gave up after a few minutes of hearing her ramble on about my aura.
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a space cadet

a strange or crazy person I wouldn't trust him with the children - he's a real space cadet.
See Watch this space
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space cadet

1. n. a person who is always silly or giddy. Here comes a space cadet who looks like he has more money than he needs.
2. n. a person who is always high on drugs. The space cadets can usually be found sitting on a bench outside the principal’s office.
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Projected salaries aren't bad either, with a starting wage as a Junior Officer of at least pounds 20,000 per annum on the successful completion of the cadetship programme.
An RAF Careers spokeswoman said: "To be offered a cadetship is quite exceptional.
They will also visit Tata Steel's beam mill at Lackenby and its special profiles plant in Skinningrove Lewis Caddy, 13, of Rye Hills School, Redcar, said: "I hope the cadetship scheme will help me to improve my CV and boost my business knowledge and skills.
Contract Awarded for aust government ICT apprenticeship and cadetship program.
He graduated with an engineering cadetship in 1945, and did his National Service in Libya.
At 16 he was torn between a career in the RAF or the ambulance service, but, reluctant to leave home, he opted for the ambulance option and joined a two-year cadetship.
Our sponsorship of this event will include the Qantas Film Cadetship, a rare six-month paid internship for the winner to work in-house at Qantas as part of our Digital and Inflight Entertainment division.
The cadetship consisted of theory and practical hands-on experience within many different areas.
But with All-Ireland final substitute Padraig Brennan unlikely to be released from the cadetship that he has just started Buckley faces a very difficult choice.
Contract awarded for evaluation of the indigenous ranger cadetship pilot program
The use of agency staff, a cadetship scheme to "grow our own" talent, "golden hellos", and limited Saturday overtime are all being used to tackle staff shortages in Stockton and bolster the team of about 50.
In July he was commissioned after a lengthy stint for a cadetship.
As a lad Mr Scott was billeted in ex-Army barracks in Sedgefield and "allowed home for the weekend every three weeks" during his two-year cadetship.
Diarmuid is soon to be commissioned for the cadetship so the demands being placed on him at the moment are quite enormous," says Crofton.
Melissa Waites, 18, of Ashby Grove, Hartlepool, has always wanted to be a nurse and is nearly finished her cadetship.