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in the cactus

A difficult situation, often one that is uncomfortable and/or unsettling. Primarily heard in Australia. Oh boy, he's in the cactus now that his girlfriend has seen him kissing another girl!
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cactus (buttons)

n. peyote cactus containing mescaline. (Drugs.) Gert came back from vacation with a bag of cactus buttons.
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cactus juice

n. tequila. (A Mexican liquor.) Ernie brought back a big jug of cactus juice from Mexico.
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Now Love and his fellow rangers are turning to a high-tech tracking device to keep tabs on the park's cactuses and deter potential poachers.
Swarm and his fellow biologists have noticed a trend in the park's saguaro population: There has been a surge in the number of baby cactuses since the 1960s.
On a visit in the morning or late afternoon, gaze across the cholla field toward the sun, which backlights the cactuses and casts them in a soft, fuzzy glow.
1 -- 3 -- color) Saguaro cactuses create a quintessential Southwest landscape in the western portion of Saguaro National Park, above.
He already had a few cactuses in pots, some of which were destroyed by the earthquake, so he added more.
Bernstein has cactuses or succulents that would be suitable for virtually any landscaping project.
Cactuses - which have spines or thorns growing out of regularly spaced areoles - can be barrel-shaped, tall and branching, or irregularly shaped and close to the ground.
This death-by-transplant syndrome is also a problem with Joshua trees - which are agaves, incidentally, not cactuses - that we see throughout the Antelope Valley and Mojave Desert.
Visitors also are invited to explore the Huntington's own 12-acre Desert Garden, where more than 5,000 different species of cactuses and succulents provide a year-round show of their own.