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autem cackletub

obsolete Any general meeting place of dissenters of a given denomination of the (Christian) church; a conventicle. "Autem" is an obsolete slang word for church, and "cackletub" (a slang term for the pulpit of a church) here refers to a place where those who spill secrets ("cackle") gather. I entered into the autem cackletub with trepidation, for who knows what sort one may find in a place of unruly dissent.
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cackling geese

Those who warn of something that is about to happen. Thank goodness for the cackling geese outside who ran in and told us to lock down the building because there was a man with a gun roaming the streets. My wife is skeptical of them, but I always tune in to those cackling geese giving the weather report—I don't want to get caught in a blizzard!
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cut the cackle

To stop talking in order to do something more important. Primarily heard in UK. All right, everyone, let's cut the cackle and start brainstorming ideas for this new project.
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He that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens.

Prov. You must be willing to endure unpleasant, irritating things in order to get what you want. Sue: I'm tired of working after school. All the customers at the store are so rude. Mother: But you wanted money to buy a car. He that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens, dear.
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cut the cackle

If you tell someone to cut the cackle, you are telling them to stop talking nonsense. They were basically told to cut the cackle and get back to work.
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cut the cackle

stop talking aimlessly and come to the point. informal
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cut the ˈcackle

(informal) stop talking and start working, etc. properly; start talking about the important matters: Let’s cut the cackle and get down to business.
Cackle refers to the loud noise made by chickens.
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KATE Moss shrieked and cackled her way through a Royal Ballet performance on Tuesday night featuring her husband Jamie Hince's bandmate Alison Mosshart.
And e thing m had to watch her daughter, 37, gyrating around a chubby bald in the VIP area, before she unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a hairy chest while she, presumably, attempted some form of dirty w ned shihi t cackled as she drank bubbly from the ld fellow nbuttoned e, ty dancing.
His coach cringed, reporters cackled, and the campus wondered if someone had forgotten to dot his ``i.
Mossy cackled as she drank bubbly from the bottle and then stuck out her tongue and pressed her bum against the glass separating her from the plebs.
That'll be somebody want in' in somewhere," he cackled.
CARRY On stars like Sid James would have cackled into their beer - one of his favourite words has finally won official approval.
The bedsit girls cackled evilly while Jason, from Motherwell, moaned at his housemates.
CHRISTOPHER Biggins and Anna Ryder Richardson cackled to Cerys Matthews that they've bought their hats and booked the honeymoon for her and Marc Bannerman.