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American consumers and businesses make 80 billion retail payments annually, nearly 50 billion by check and 30 billion by electronic instruments, such as credit cards, debit cards, and the automated clearinghouse (ACH), according to the first comprehensive studies of the retail payment system by the Federal Reserve System in more than twenty years.
For the 50 cents or so you pay per check, "it's worth it, Burris says, "even if only 15% of your business is done by check.
The contract contained the usual provision that required the downpayment of ten percent to be made by check subject to collection.
Assuming all vested stock options and thereto underlying warrants are exercised, the shares and warrants held by Check Point represent 97.
Through BIOS enhancements and the combination of Check Point SecureXL[TM] software acceleration technology with Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors 5100 innovations, the optimized open server platform used by Check Point VPN-1 Power enables customers to gain the pre-emptive, deep packet inspection protection of SmartDefense intrusion prevention while future-proofing their investment in network security software with a solution that achieves up to 10 Gbps of throughput.
Products carrying the "Secured by Check Point" seal have been tested to guarantee integration and interoperability.
Check Point's participation will include speaking opportunities at the show, several demonstrations of its NGX(TM) product line in multiple OPSEC(TM) (Open Platform for Security) partner booths, strategic news announcements with OPSEC partners, an exclusive press and analyst event hosted by Check Point's top executives, and attendance at the prestigious SC Magazine awards gala.
The Check Point Safe@Office 500 and 500W, powered by advanced technology developed by Check Point subsidiary SofaWare(R) Technologies Ltd.
Check-out delays caused by check writers not only needlessly frustrate fellow consumers but are a sore spot for retailers as well.
This vision is being supported by Check Point OPSEC alliance partners, such as Funk Software and the Trusted Network Connect subgroup.
We believe the IRD Seal offers outstanding protection for financial institutions that want to take advantage of the opportunities created by Check 21," said Mark Damico, president of the Fiserv Item Processing Group.
All consumer checks, business checks, cashier checks, teller checks, treasury checks and travelers' checks will be impacted by Check 21.
The earlier in the transaction cycle that the physical check can be converted to an image, the greater the gains offered by check truncation," Mr.
The interest spurred by Check 21 legislation and Alogent's reputation for excellence in image-based solutions have made it an imperative for us to offer an on-demand demonstration facility, where bankers can formulate strategies that extend beyond the immediate needs of Check 21," said Vijay Balakrishnan, executive vice president of marketing at Alogent.