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Your woman has a gown, and her whole seven weeks wages are gone; ours has a gown, and two days' wages left, to buy something else with.
Only--if we decide to buy, it would be well to be moved in and settled before winter.
If it's settled, it's useless haggling; but if it's not," said Levin, "I'll buy the forest.
We ordered the di'monds sent to the hotel for us to see if we wanted to buy, and when we was examining them we had paste counterfeits all ready, and THEM was the things that went back to the shop when we said the water wasn't quite fine enough for twelve thousand dollars.
Miss Mary has plenty of money and will you go to Thwaite and buy her some flower seeds and a set of garden tools to make a flower-bed.
There are a sort of customers that don't buy promiscuously; they do every thing by rule.
Nay, fair Bianca, I will buy the robe, And all things that the honest merchant has I will buy also.
Do you know, they buy my pictures not only in Holland, but in Norway and Sweden and Denmark?
In another three years, by 1820, he had so managed his affairs that he was able to buy a small estate adjoining Bald Hills and was negotiating to buy back Otradnoe- that being his pet dream.
He meant to have the company go into liquidation, and then buy it for a very small amount.
First, I'll buy the island; next, get forty or fifty recruits and start clearing and planting; and at the same time I'll run up a bungalow; and then you'll be relieved of my embarrassing presence--now don't say that it isn't.
Killeny, my boy, we're goin' to get so rich that if he can't snare a sucker we'll put up the cash ourselves 'n' buy a schooner for 'm, 'n' send him out a-treasure- huntin' on his own.
For one nobleman who was ready to buy one genuine modern picture at a small price, there were twenty noblemen ready to buy twenty more than doubtful old pictures at great prices.
The money for which this milk will be sold, will buy at least three hundred eggs.
I remembered, on the drunk on the Idler, how Scotty and the harpooner and myself had raked and scraped dimes and nickels with which to buy the whisky.