buy a round

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buy a round (of drinks)

 and buy the next round (of drinks)
to buy a drink for each person present, with the expectation that one or more of those persons will later do likewise. Which one of you guys is going to buy the next round?
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With four championship golf courses, guests can look forward to spending a fun and relaxing day with friends without a care in the world but deciding whose turn it is to buy the next round.
In the poll of 2,000 people, others owned up to claiming to have forgotten their wallet, letting everyone else into the pub first so they get to the bar ahead of them and drinking slowly so someone else gets up to buy the next round.
Though I'm demented by folk fighting to buy the next round, when it's obvious everyone's had enough.
To save money they think, 'Let's just not buy the next round of innovation'.
So a second way they can save money, they think, is 'Let's just not buy the next round of innovation'.
Midshipman 3rd Class Stephen Honan isn't offering to buy the next round.
Spoof was originally a pub game, traditionally used to decide who would buy the next round of drinks.
The men who had been drinking for at least four hours, had been arguing over who would buy the next round.
Emmerson notes that the twist off caps reveal the classic American game "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to help consumers resolve pressing concerns--like who will buy the next round.
Speaking before yesterday's announcement, Fijian Rugby Union chief executive Pio Bosco Tikoisuva said: 'People talk about it as a charity match, a whip-round in the pub to help buy the next round.
Actually it will be Price's turn to buy the next round.
For the US there were no boundaries with 15 percent admitting they'd consider blackmailing the boss and 26 percent prepared to buy the next round of drinks for a year
You may go in broke and come out ready to buy the next round.
COMMITMENTS star Dick Massey has revealed how U2 rock god Bono never lets anyone buy the next round.
She even said losers would have to buy the next round of drinks, it was claimed.