buy back

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buy (something) back (from someone)

To repurchase something that one has sold. For the right price, I'm sure you'll be able to buy back your old house. Once the dealer realized how valuable that painting actually was, he wanted to buy it back from me.
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buy something back (from someone)

to repurchase something that one has previously sold from the person who bought it. Can I buy it back from you? I have decided I need it. He bought back his book from George.
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Any buy back would follow similar moves by other struggling telecom firms.
NEWPORT-based CH Bailey is to buy back almost pounds 1m of its own shares from the receivers of collapsed investment company Barlow Clowes.
Maximum buy back amount will be TRY 200 million (131.
Nevertheless Summa's president noted that it would be decent to offer a voluntary buy back to demonstrate proper corporate governance.
Negative aspect of buy back is that announcing a buy back to the market that firm has run out of profitable investment opportunities.
There is a proposal which is backed by the European Central Bank (ECB), by the European Commission, and which we are going to discuss, which would consist in enabling the European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF) to buy back Greek bonds at market rates," he said.
HSH is offering to buy back up to half of its EUR750m, callable, fixed and floating-rate notes, maturing in February 2017, and its EUR1bn, callable, step-up floating-rate note, also maturing in February 2017.
The company has offered to buy back up to $200 million in principal amount of its 4.
offering to buy back $501 million in 10-1/4-percent bonds that were due in 2018 (issuing $600 million in 5.
UC RUSAL, the world s largest aluminium producer, announces that the Krasnoyarsk Arbitration Court has answered a claim of UC RUSAL Investment Management LLC, the owner of 25% plus one share of OJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel (MMC) to declare invalid the decisions of the Board of Directors of MMC Norilsk Nickel dated 13 and 21 September 2011, which approved the buy back of approximately 7.
According to our estimates Pharmstandard will be able to buy back about 2% of the company's share capital or about 5% of its free float.
As a part of the agreement, GSK retains the option to buy back exclusive worldwide rights for either or both vaccine candidates following the completion of proof of principle clinical trials.
Because we believe that the company's share price does not reflect its fair value, the buy back, in our view, serves shareholders by accreting value to those who do not elect to sell and, at the same time provides an exit path to those who do.
Currently, companies are allowed to buy back shares only for certain purposes, such as retirement.
announced the company's decision to buy back its shares from the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) effective from tomorrow.