button down

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button (something) down

To fasten or secure something in place with buttons. A noun can be used between "button" and "down." Button down your pocket so that nothing falls out of it.
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button something down

to fasten something down with buttons. Button your collar down. You look too casually dressed. Please button down your collar.
See also: button, down
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Button Down was the stable choice but he didn't act on the fast ground.
Fed up with impractical and poorly fitting button down shirts to wear to work, Rochelle Behrens invented The Shirt.
The Shirt[TM] by Rochelle Behrens eliminates blouse gape, that see-straight-through-to-the-bra phenomenon that occurs on women's button down shirts through its patent-pending Dual Button Technology[TM].
By steadily holding the shutter button down, you reduce the opportunity for camera shake.
The user simply presses the shutter button down half-way, causing the camera to shine a light in the subject's eyes to contract the pupils before the shot is taken.
Holding the thumb button down and scrolling the wheel during a game pops up a scale on screen to change sensitivity on-the-fly.
The Riding Shirt is an updated version of a button down with feminine French cuffs, darts for shape and mock flap front pocket.
There will also be characters from the game available in vinyl or resin and a variety of clothing items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, dress shirts, button down work shirts, visors and caps.
With this double-headed pointer showing on your screen, click and hold your left mouse button down, then move your mouse pointer up approximately one-half to one inch, and then release the mouse button.
84% cotton/16% polyester woven fabric shirts: Long- and short-sleeved button down collared shirts with new FedEx logo embroidered on the breast pocket; orange, purple and white threads are woven together for a unique FedEx color.
When a finger reached the edge of the pad, the user was required to either hold a button down to reposition the finger or let go of the operation and restart the drag from a new position.
Primetime Clothing presents crop tops in multiple styles including sporty, button downs with tie fronts, off the shoulder, graphic, fitted, patterned, and solid.