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The upper dress of this personage resembled that of his companion in shape, being a long monastic mantle; but the colour, being scarlet, showed that he did not belong to any of the four regular orders of monks.
He rode, not a mule, like his companion, but a strong hackney for the road, to save his gallant war-horse, which a squire led behind, fully accoutred for battle, with a chamfrom or plaited head-piece upon his bead, having a short spike projecting from the front.
Every halfpenny I possess is stolen money; but it has been stolen legally, and, what is of some practical importance to you, I have no means of restoring it to the rightful owners even if I felt inclined to.
No; but you married--only incidentally, of course--my father's fortune.
His head was an hour-glass; it could stow an idea, but it had to do it a grain at a time, not the whole idea at once.
There -- it is better -- it is the best yet; but not perfect.
Yes; but do you remember all you said to me at Blois?
I was discontented, in fact, but that discontent has never betrayed itself, that I know of, and if, like a man of heart, I have spoken out before your majesty, I have not even thought of the matter, before anybody else.
His father was worth perhaps half a million sterling, but India is the only democratic land in the world.
I came by Kulu - from beyond the Kailas - but what know you?
Dede offered to receive him in the parlor, but he shook his head and nodded toward her rooms.
We're just going to talk straight out in meeting--the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
Gobseck, Werdet, and Gigonnet swallowed the profits, but des Lupeaulx had agreed that they should have them; he was not playing for a stake; he challenged the bank, as it were, knowing very well that the king was not a man to forget this debt of honor.
Though he dined out every day, and was lodged for the last nine years at the cost of the State, and driven about in the minister's equipage, des Lupeaulx possessed absolutely nothing, at the time when our tale opens, but thirty thousand francs of debt--undisputed property.
I would not disturb him to-morrow at all, but I don't know .