The butler did it

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The butler did it.

1. Lit. The butler performed the crime. (A catchphrase.) I know who killed Lord Drax. The butler did it! I saw him!
2. Fig. It happened just the way it always happens. Of course, that's it. The butler did it. The butler always does it.
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References in classic literature ?
Yes, sir," said the butler, "but, Master Frederick, your father left orders--"
But Ulysses, while the butler was gone for the wine, held the snow-white flower to his nose.
I should know what it is, sir, for I've lived butler there a-going i' fifteen year.
We cannot have two Agathas, and we must have one Cottager's wife; and I am sure I set her the example of moderation myself in being satisfied with the old Butler.
When the butler had left us Sir Henry turned to me.
The butler of Hurlstone is always a thing that is remembered by all who visit us.
Mr Butler cut short his curious impatience in the middle.
And when he came into the palace, the flies were sleeping on the walls; the spit was standing still; the butler had the jug of ale at his lips, going to drink a draught; the maid sat with a fowl in her lap ready to be plucked; and the cook in the kitchen was still holding up her hand, as if she was going to beat the boy.
The effect that Keggs, the butler at the Keiths', had on Martin Rossiter was to make him feel as if he had been caught laughing in a cathedral.
Jackson continued (and Archer saw he was wondering why no one had told the butler never to slice cucumbers with a steel knife), "then Lemuel Struthers came along.
a butler of the Court of Accounts, who ought to know Charlemagne's text;
These latter the butler thrust mysteriously forward, wrapped in a napkin, from behind the next man's shoulders and whispered: "Dry Madeira".
A footman in dark livery came running out; a butler bowed upon the steps.
Butler," she said one afternoon, when grammar and arithmetic and poetry had been put aside.
LORD HOLCHESTER'S servants--with the butler at their head--were on the look-out for Mr.
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