busy bee

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busy bee

One who is very active, industrious, or busy. I'm currently choreographing three plays, so I'm a real busy bee. Can we meet next week instead? I'm a busy bee right now.
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a busy bee

If you describe someone as a busy bee, you mean that they enjoy doing a lot of things and always keep themselves busy. `I enjoyed being a busy bee, getting things done,' she said in her confident way. Note: You can also say that someone is as busy as a bee. He is busy as a bee designing every production in London.
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busy bee

an industrious person
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a ˌbusy ˈbee

(informal) a cheerful and busy person
See also: bee, busy
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The Mayor and Mayoress of Warwick with staff of Busy Bees
Victoria Solomon, nursery manager, said: "We are really honoured at Busy Bees Newcastle to support the launch of the Journal and Chronicle Sunshine Fund 'Go Bananas' campaign every year with this fantastic family event.
The Busy Bees Training Academy's Green's to Gourmet cookery competition has grown year on year and those that are successful often go on to pursue a career in catering.
18 April 2017 - UK-based private equity investment trust Electra Private Equity's (LSE: ELTA) manager, Epris, has closed the sale of UK-based nursery education operator Treetops Nurseries to UK-based day care nursery provider Busy Bees, the firm said.
But Busy Bees staff are tackling the problem head-on with their new Nurturing Problem Solving to Mathematics programme, which they're launching from August 29, which uses play to draw out the natural problem solving abilities of the children, helping them develop a confident approach to maths.
ABUSE The nursery nurse worked at Busy Bees in Edinburgh
Busy Bees, along with nine other Midlands winners, will go on to compete at the UK final in October.
Burntwood-based Busy Bees in Staffordshire is the UKs leading childcare provider for children aged three months to five years.
The fun kicks off on Friday, May 27, with a busy bee hunt.
We were understandably precious about who we sold the business to, but I believe that in Busy Bees we are handing over the reins to someone who can continue the Kids 1st ethos and build upon the success we have achieved.
Finn Glover, 3, of Penrhyn Bay, learns how to sow a Bean by Lisa Mundle of the Bangor Busy Bees as (above) Yvonne Holden sets her stall out
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Youngsters Ben Stevenson (left) and Charlie Jones from Busy Bees Nursery get up close with an octopus with nutritionist Ady Delaney Picture: JAMES
Wong gave kudos at her news conference this week to the children from Busy Bees who picked up litter and created "trash man.
She launched Busy Bees Patchwork Ltd with the aim of selling quilts and keeping the historic craft alive.
But child protection charity Kidscape said the Busy Bees scheme was unnecessary.