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and ball-buster
1. n. a difficult task; a difficult or trying situation requiring extremely hard work or effort. (Usually objectionable.) That whole construction job was a real ball-breaker. Why should moving furniture end up being such a ball-buster?
2. n. a hard taskmaster; a hard-to-please boss. (Usually objectionable.) Tom gets a day’s work for a day’s pay out of his men, but he’s no ball-breaker. My boss is a ball-buster, but he pays well.
3. n. a female who is threatening to males. (Usually objectionable.) Mrs. Samuels has a terrible reputation as a “ball-breaker.” Wholly deserved, I might add.




and konk-buster (ˈkɔŋkbəstɚ)
1. n. inferior liquor. Jed kept a jar of conk-buster under his bed against night sweats.
2. n. a hard-to-answer question or problem. Man, what you’re asking is really a conk-buster.




1. n. a rough ride; a rough road. This road is a kidney-buster. I wish they’d fix it.
2. n. an uncomfortable or poorly built seat in a vehicle. This kidney-buster is going to ruin my back.


and skull-popper
1. n. a difficult course in school or college. The course was a skull-buster, and I had to drop it.
2. n. a police officer. (Refers to the striking of skulls.) Two skull-poppers came up and started asking questions.
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Mildew Busters specializes in basement waterproofing, mold remediation, foundation repair, and pressure washing services.
His new show will feature fans' favourite Buster in his usual desktop spot.
uk The Bully Busters hotline can be contacted on: 0800 169 6928
There are a couple of other slight problems with the hoped-for bunker buster.
Patients younger than 75 who don't have contraindications to clot busters, such as very high blood pressure or a history of bleeding, are likely to benefit from the drags, Soumerai says.
Not because the taggers aren't tagging anymore, but because the graffiti busters are taking it down almost as fast as it goes up.
A Buster offering technological help to a Boomer would say, Here's the trick to It" instead of "Don't you know how to do that yet?
Many busters believe that such a massive strain will bankrupt the Social Security system.
Quoting from interviews with busters and from many published sources, Dunn outlines the needs and characteristics of the busters.
Dust Buster does offer cleaning services for light commercial property, but most of its business comes from residential cleaning.
Boredom Busters charges $1 a day or $20 a month - $10 apiece monthly for siblings - but there are grants for those in need.
It's deja vu for Boomers and mystifying for Busters.
In honor of Veterans Day, Bark Busters USA announces it was ranked in the top 10 percent of all franchises nationwide and named a 2011 Military Friendly Franchise([R]) by G.
Bark Busters, the world's largest dog training company, was named the #1 Pet Services Franchise in America for 2009 by Entrepreneur magazine.
All new Bark Busters clients will receive a custom Pet Protector ID Tag, complete with a toll-free phone number and a unique identification number assigned to each pet.