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busman's holiday

A vacation that is spent engaging in an activity that is similar to what one does for work. As a museum curator, Leonard had a busman's holiday when he went to Paris to visit the Louvre.
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busman's holiday leisure

time spent doing something similar to what one does at work. (Alludes to a bus driver going on a bus tour for his vacation or on a day off.) Tutoring students in the evening is a busman's holiday for our English teacher. It's a bit of a busman's holiday to ask her to be wardrobe mistress for our amateur production in the summer. She's a professional dressmaker.
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a busman's holiday

time away from work that is spent doing something that is similar to your usual job Going to the beach is too much of a busman's holiday for him - he's a lifeguard!
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busman's holiday

Free time spent in much the same pursuit as one's work. For example, Weather permitting, the lifeguard spent all her days off at the beach-a real busman's holiday . The term alludes to a bus driver spending his day off taking a long bus ride. [Late 1800s]
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Last year, in the UAE we had 15,000 boxes that were filled and distributed, and this year again we are looking at a very high number," Busman said.
We even give people the choice of just giving Dh75 to the hotel, and we will go out and fill the box for them, We are getting a lot of requests everyday on our Facebook page from people who are looking to help," Busman said.
Adler, Busman and Garcia work hard to capture a very contemporary climate (which includes the wars with the Middle East, the conflict at Vieques, the struggles of the GLBT population, and immigrant issues).
Adler, Busman and Garcia claim important roles as fierce advocates of activist writers who continue to resist, protest and take responsibility for their ideas without fear.
Now, with programming features like the Standard Processes feature found in the software, Busman and his programming team of three can import the updated model and simply reselect the new geometry, and the software automatically regenerates the toolpath.
Busman, Vision Pharma, President & CEO, sbusman@visionpharma.
After two officials visited while he was out, the retired busman, of Nelson, Lancs, phoned his town hall.
The prolific Sparkling Spring could line up for the mixed open (29 entries) and others of note here are Busman, Gold Kriek and Laurel Seeker.
The former Belfast busman, who touched for pounds 10million on the Lotto 10 years ago, helped out on the till at Curley's in the Kennedy Centre, West Belfast, selling tickets for the EuroMillions rollover.
A busman, who is a member of the so-called Drivers For Fair Pay Group, said: ``We believe that if this offer is finally rejected, we could all go back to the table and renegotiate a better deal for all.
As a passenger put out the blaze on the top deck back seats, busman David Heaton kept the doors shut to stop the 15-year-old and his friends escaping.
BUSMAN Neil Defranco amazed stranded late night passengers by returning to give them a lift in his car.
BUSMAN John Stevenson, 48, of Holytown, Lanarkshire, was banned for four years at Hamilton yesterday for driving 79 schoolkids while twice over the drink limit.
Last night the busman was still badly shakened by the attack.