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Our partnership with PECB enables us to help our clients to ensure they work according to the ISO standards and for their staff to have improved career prospects by getting personal certifications,” said Rinske Geerlings, Managing Director of Business As Usual.
The handicapper's response has been to put Business As Usual up 7lb to a mark of 95, but the bay can summon the improvement needed to stay ahead of his British Horseracing Authority nemesis.
To the clients, calls appear to go to and from the office, business as usual.
Though it might be business as usual for the anchor tenants, it's devastating to those stores who are shutting down.
It will be business as usual at the Pizza Cookery on Ventura Boulevard in Encino, with the store open the regular hours - 11 a.
Our restructuring is designed to allow the Company to continue business as usual and the vast majority of our suppliers and customers should see no disruption.
Business as usual has always been good enough for him.
Economides: "The Saudi King, Fahd, died last week, 10 years after a debilitating stroke, and two things happened immediately: the price of oil went up, and the United States government (and much of the press) said things will be business as usual.
Meaning that it's been pretty much business as usual for the scrappy, 49-seat nonprofit theater, one of the roughly two dozen hand-to-mouth companies that make up the core of the NoHo Arts District, a 20-block patch of city-engineered bohemia centered on Lankershim and Magnolia boulevards.
As for the other music awards, it was business as usual with the two awards for Alan Menken and Disney's "Pocahontas.
Let's face it, the DNC is going to be a traffic nightmare, and companies in not only Boston but also outlying areas need a cost-effective way to maintain business as usual," said Paul Kunze, principal of IntraSystems.
One clear message beams through the murky confusion of the Republican presidential race so far: Most GOP voters want something starkly different from business as usual in Washington.
Thomas Industrial Network, powered by Thomas Register(R) and Thomas Regional(R), today announced the results of the February Industrial Purchasing Barometer(TM) (IPB) Survey, revealing that 82% of industrial buyers are either cautiously proceeding or back to business as usual with regard to purchasing in the current economic environment.
3 billion in property tax revenues from local governments is exactly that: business as usual.
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