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1. harassment; a scolding; general bad treatment. (*Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) The guys have been giving me the business about my new hairstyle. Sam was giving Tom the business about being late all the time.
2. Sl an execution. (Underworld. *Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) The mob wanted to give him the business for confessing to the federal prosecutor.
References in classic literature ?
Meantime, Haley, if you want the matter carried on in the quiet way you speak of, you'd best not let your business in this neighborhood be known.
You confuse me, and how can I transact business if I am confused?
He decided that the time had come to organize the business, so he created a simple agreement which he called the "Bell Telephone Association.
The truth is, that few individuals, in any line, did a snugger little business than I.
Vanderpole's business with me was testified to by the chief of his department.
He is quite young, little more than a boy, and he has only just started in business.
Of course, there were exceptions to this; and, such was the rigor of his discipline, that if he had a dinner or a conference before him in which, in a business way, he encountered enemies or allies and planned or prosecuted campaigns, he abstained from drinking.
And since then I've noticed that three little corner groceries have gone out of business.
The share of his partners in the business was of the most trifling nature.
On the second and third days there was business relating to the finances of the nobility and the female high school, of no importance whatever, as Sergey Ivanovitch explained, and Levin, busy seeing after his own affairs, did not attend the meetings.
But Mr Verloc knew his business, and remained undisturbed by any sort of aesthetic doubt about his appearance.
It seems he had his hands full of the business of the bank, and had engaged to meddle with no other business that that of his office, which I heard afterwards, but did not understand then.
Besides, mother, you being sole executrix, and having the direction and management of the estate, there remained little business, or I might say none, that I could transact, until you had had time to arrange matters to your satisfaction.
I hope, Mr Twemlow, your business here may be of a more agreeable character than mine.
Deane, he knew, had been very poor once; he did not want to save money slowly and retire on a moderate fortune like his uncle Glegg, but he would be like his uncle Deane--get a situation in some great house of business and rise fast.