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drive the porcelain bus

To vomit profusely into the toilet, usually as the result of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. John was driving the porcelain bus for the rest of the night after his seventh tequila shot.
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park the bus

In football (soccer), to employ all (or nearly all) of a team's active players in defending its own side of the pitch. Protecting a narrow one-point lead, it looks like the home team has parked the bus for the remaining minutes of the match.
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throw (someone) under the bus

1. To exploit someone's trust for one's own purpose, gain, or agenda; to harm someone through deceit or treachery. Senator Davis was supposed to be working with me to bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans on the issue of gun control, but, instead, she threw me under the bus to get a boost in the polls with her constituency. The investment company threw its clients under the bus when it chose to redirect their hard earned money into various Ponzi schemes that benefited only a few board members at the top.
2. To avoid blame, trouble, or criticism by allowing someone else to take responsibility. Tommy was caught with the marijuana in his backpack, but he threw me under the bus and said it belonged to me. Our manager never hesitates to throw an underling under the bus when something goes wrong in the office.
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like the back of a bus

Particularly ugly, unattractive, or sexually undesirable. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Many people in this profession still hold the view that if you don't have a face like the back of a bus, you're only getting ahead because of your looks. He looks like the back of a bus, but he's a really sweet and intelligent guy.
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like the back of a bus

(of a face) very ugly. informal
2004 Waterford News and Star What's so great about a guy that has rotting teeth, lungs of tar and bless the poor bloke but the back of a bus does him fair enough justice.
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drive the big bus

and drive the porcelain bus and ride the porcelain bus
tv. to vomit into the toilet. Harry’s in the john driving the big bus. I guess that “drive the porcelain bus” refers to holding onto the toilet seat while you vomit.
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drive the porcelain bus

See also: bus, drive, porcelain

ride the porcelain bus

See also: bus, porcelain, ride
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