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gone for a burton

Having failed or become useless; dead. Primarily heard in UK. Well, my plan to go to the beach is gone for a burton now that it's supposed to rain all weekend.
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go for a Burton

To fail or become useless; to die. Primarily heard in UK. Well, my plan to go to the beach will go for a Burton if it's supposed to rain all weekend.
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go for a Burton

meet with disaster; be ruined, destroyed, or killed.British informal
This phrase first appeared in mid 20th- century air force slang, meaning ‘be killed in a crash’. It has been suggested that it refers to Burton's, the British men's outfitters, or to Burton, a kind of ale, but these are folk etymologies with no definite evidence to support them, and the origin of the phrase remains uncertain.
See also: burton, go
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Widow Sally Burton, now living in Australia, said the donation was "my contribution to Richard's old school".
The court heard earlier in July Burton was given a suspended sentence for an attempted robbery at a branch of the Co-op when he tried to steal two bottles of Pimms.
Promoter: Arcadia Group Brands Limited trading as Burton, Colegrave House, 70 Berners Street, London, W1T 3NL.
a gafodd ei chyfarwyddo gan Dylan Wyn Richards a'i sgriptio gan William Owen Roberts, yn canolbwyntio ar ddigwyddiadau un diwrnod - 27 Mehefin 1968 - yn villa Burton, Pays De Galles, a newidiodd fywydau'r brodyr am byth.
Add to that the actor's "mask" - the sculpted, pock-marked face with wide-set hypnotic yes - and perhaps you can explain why women seemingly found Burton irresistible.
Kashner and Schoenberger focus on the genuine, passionate love Taylor and Burton possessed for each other.
But as he begins to understand why Jessica killed herself and as he sees dramatic examples of the will to live and to let live there is hope that Burton will lift the mask of his defenses.
A sick person can be coughing and sneezing, leave the room, and someone else catches the virus ten minutes later still floating around," says Burton.
Irene Burton was diagnosed in 1977 while she was in college.
Just outside London, in the village of Mortlake, the massive tomb of Sir Richard Burton rises among the humbler graves of St.
In 2002, Burton received the Engineering News-Record Award of Excellence for managing the work at Ground Zero.
Bishop Anthony Burton of Saskatchewan has been elected chair of the Council of the North, succeeding Archbishop John Clarke, who ends his three-year term in June.
Among those who thought that Executive Branch obstructionism would end with the departure of the Clinton administration was Congressman Dan Burton (R-Ind.
Above all Burton emphasized, even exaggerated, the definition of parts and the articulation of their relationships.