burst out of

burst out of somewhere

to suddenly appear from somewhere Suddenly I burst out of the tangled brush onto the pavement. The silvery jet burst out of the dark clouds above.
See also: burst, of, out
References in classic literature ?
Once more the savage yells burst out of the woods, and the leaden hail whistled above the heads of the besieged, as if to confine them to a place where they might become easy victims to the enterprise of the warrior who had mounted the tree.
Ferrari's heart beat as if it would burst out of her bosom, when her conductress led her into an ante-room, and knocked at a door opening into a room beyond.
YELLOWSTONE MARS A "Yellowstone Park" on Mars has been discovered where hot springs and geysers may once have burst out of the planet's interior.
Darren Clarke burst out of stalls yesterday with six straight birdies, only to be lose momentum and settle on the end for a 67.