burst open

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burst open

1. To open abruptly, typically with or as a result of force. Floodwaters caused the dam to burst open.
2. To cause something to open, often due to the use of force. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "burst" and "open." The police used a battering ram to burst the door open.
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ˌburst ˈopen


ˌburst (something) ˈopen

open suddenly or violently; make something open in this way: The door burst open.Firefighters burst the door open and rescued them.
See also: burst, open
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My fork was on its way into my steaming food, when the door burst open.
Her black velvet dress burst open displaying her bra to the live television audience.
In its efforts to adopt environmentally friendly (or, at least, friendlier) environmental management standards company-wide, Halliburton was following a broad corporate trend that many believe can date its inception to 3 December 1984, the day a Union Carbide storage tank in Bhopal, India, burst open and sent a cloud of poisonous methyl isocyanate gas out into the community, killing by some estimates as many as 6,000 people within a week and some 13,000 to date.
Also, valves designed to burst open at a certain pressure could make use of these glasses, says Glass.
Something very sweet is about to burst open, something impish is getting ready to kick things into a richer, livelier gear--like Dorothy and Toto just about to shift from black and white into Technicolor.
When the buds burst open into white, six-inch-long, flowers, they're almost instantly visited by sphinx moths.
You lay on the white hospital bed ripening the fruit of your body unable to burst open molds in fluid containment covered by a white yeast visible in your mouth when you speak invisible in your esophagus, vagina it is the summer of your life
This decidedly hothouse esthetic infuses Lostutter's depiction of a world in which the appearance of things reflects an obsession with the sexuality lurking beneath the surface: leaves start to ripple with labial rhythms, and tight buds of flowers take on penile erectness only to burst open like little paeans to sexual desire.
AN off-duty fireman saves a little girl who falls into the road when the back doors of a moving bus burst open.
According to Ravijour, the bra will not continually burst open, as the app has the knowledge to recognize different situations and can pick apart a rising heart rate from jogging from romance.
But just weeks after going under the knife, she says stitches on her left breast burst open and her implants began sagging from the wound.
oThere is great likelihood that these clouds would burst open,o said the duty forecaster.
A sealed bin containing confidential documents was blown over and burst open as it was being transferred to a lorry for secure disposal.
It felt like the A-team as we stopped each time and the doors of the minibus burst open and we raced off.