burn up

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burn up

1. To destroy something with fire or heat. It's getting cold in here because all the logs in the fireplace have burned up. Without its heat shields, the spacecraft is in danger of burning up during reentry.
2. To cause to become angry or annoyed. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is often used between "burn" and "up." Gossip like that just burns me up—I can't believe people would say such awful things about me!
3. To deplete a particular thing or resource. Unfortunately, all those plumbing problems have already burned up our renovation budget.
4. To impact something to a great or excessive degree. Sir, protestors are burning up our phone lines—what should we do? That viral video is burning up the Internet right now.
5. To easily defeat or outshine all competitors. With all of your qualifications, you'll burn up all the other applicants for the job.
6. To travel very fast. Often used to describe driving in the phrase "burn up the road." Have you seen my new car? Man, I can't wait to take it out and burn up the road!
7. To have a high fever. Jenny has been lethargic all day, and she's burning up now, so I'm taking her to the doctor.
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burn someone up

1. Lit. to destroy someone by fire. The house fire burned the victims up. The fire burned up both of them.
2. Fig. to make someone very angry; to make someone endure the "heat" of rage. You really burn me up! I'm very angry at you! The whole mess burned up everyone.
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burn something up

to destroy something by fire; [for fire] to consume something. Take this cardboard and burn it up. The fire burned up the papers and left no trace.
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burn up

to become destroyed or consumed by fire. The wood burned up and left only ashes. The deed burned up in the fire.
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burn somebody up

also burn up somebody
to anger someone a lot I was really burned up by her comment.
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burn up something

also burn something up
1. to use all of something Commuting to and from my job burns up all my free time.
2. to use a lot of a system The singer's fans have burned up the Internet with speculation about her cancelled tour.
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burn up

1. burn someone up. Make angry or very irritated, as in Arthur was really burned up at his son for denting the new car, or Those careless drivers just burn me up. [Colloquial; c. 1920]
2. Travel very fast, as in This car will burn up the road. [1940s]
3. Easily surpass or outdo, as in They'll burn up the other teams. [Slang; late 1970s]
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burn up

1. To destroy something or someone by fire or heat: She burned the contract up. He burned up all the photographs.
2. To be completely destroyed by fire or heat: The cabin burned up, leaving only ashes.
3. To expend something; use something up: When I was on vacation, I burned up all my money quickly. I'm really burning up calories with this exercise plan.
4. To make someone angry: Their rudeness really burns me up.
5. To travel over or through something at high speed: The racecars were really burning up the track.
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