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Before and after the fall this joining of "conjugal minds" is so burningly intense because Milton ultimately relates it to that of Christ for his bride the Church and in doing so escalates human love to a metaphor for the love of Christ for the Church and the Father for the Son (Lycidas 176 and Hughes' note 125; also Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce, Hughes' note 67, 709; and Complete Prose Works II.
The four great moons are a study in extremes, ranging from burningly hot Io, which disgorges more lava per unit than any other known body in the Solar System, to Callisto, a frigid ball of mud and ice nearly as big as Mercury.
The rest of us might cease feeling guilty and turn our attention to other deserving issues, causes, and groups, and even the most burningly felt need of identity politics might recede to the status of just one more private dispute among many, rather than a legal right being denied.
The ballet was technically hard for me, very stylized, and I didn't have a burningly great technique.
If the science is right, they will have to cope annually with floods and hurricanes and burningly hot summers, things which have had only a marginal effect on my life.
The dazed and confused rugby aces reckon Kiwi O'Brien boobed badly in TWO burningly controversial first half incidents that could have turned Saturday's shame game on its head.