burn (one's) fingers

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burn (one's) fingers

To suffer an unpleasant or ruinous consequence (especially the loss of money) for some action, often such that one becomes unwilling or reluctant to do it again. During the boom times, countless would-be investors put everything they owned into shady investment deals, and most of them ended up burning their fingers badly.
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burn one's fingers

Harm oneself, as in I'm staying away from risky stocks; I've burned my fingers often enough. Some believe this expression came from a legend about a monkey who gets a cat to pull its chestnuts out of the fire (see cat's paw); others hold it is from an English proverb: "Burn not thy fingers to snuff another's candle" (James Howell, English Proverbs, 1659). [c. 1700]
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burn your fingers (or get your fingers burned/burnt)

suffer unpleasant consequences as a result of your actions.
1998 Times An American buyer remains a possibility, although it is not entirely clear why any would want to risk getting their fingers burnt twice.
See also: burn, finger
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com)-- "Consumers are tired of burning their fingers using small conventional brushes and want an affordable yet fast grill cleaning tool to make the job of cleaning their grill easier, healthier, and safer.
A CUP OF HOT TEA CAN BE QUITE THE HEALTHFUL BEVERAGE, but many consumers are put off by the prospect of burning their fingers squeezing the tea bag before imbibing.
Further side handles were needed to allow the consumer to heat the meal in the microwave then move it without burning their fingers.
In February, Hasbro recalled 985,000 Easy Bake Ovens after 5 reports of children burning their fingers or hands after getting them caught in the product.
Borrowers risk burning their fingers if they go over their overdraft limits:Bank customers were warned yesterday that they risk getting their fingers burned with high charges if they fail to keep a close watch on overdraft reforms.
A DESIGN student has invented a pie holder to stop football fans burning their fingers at matches.
A design student has invented a pie holder to prevent football fans burning their fingers while enjoying their half-time snack.