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Any thing, event, or occasion that is especially exciting, impressive, and/or successful. I had so much fun at Jonathan's bachelor party last night; it was a real barnburner! The majority of the game was rather lackluster, but it was a barnburner in the final quarter.

put (something) on the back burner

To establish something as being a low priority; to give something less or little thought or attention; to postpone, suspend, or hold off on doing something. I'm going to be putting work stuff on the back burner for a while once my son is born. I think we should put painting the house on the back burner until we decide on what furniture we want to buy.
See also: back, burner, on, put

put (something) on the front burner

To establish something as a being a high priority; to give something more or a lot of thought or attention; to decide to do something immediately, right away, or sooner than other things. Now that I'm finished with work for the summer, I can put my thesis on the front burner again. We need to put picking out furniture on the front burner before we even discuss painting the house.
See also: burner, front, on, put

back burner

Where low-priority tasks figuratively reside. Typically used in the phrase "put (something) on the back burner." The phrase refers to the back burner of a stove, which is where pots are usually placed to simmer on low heat. I know you're eager to start on this new project, but I'm afraid it's going on the back burner—we just don't have the budget for it right now. You need to go to a doctor! You can't put your health on the back burner any longer!
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oil burner

A device that burns oil and gives off heat, such as a furnace or boiler. Turn on the oil burner, will you? It's freezing in here!
See also: burner, oil

be on the back burner

To be a low priority; to get less or little thought or attention; to have been postponed or suspended. Work stuff will be on the back burner for a while once my son is born. I think that painting the house should be on the back burner until we decide on what furniture we want to buy.
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*on the back burner

Fig. [of something] on hold or suspended temporarily. (Alludes to putting a pot that needs less active attention on a back burner of a stove, leaving space for pots that need to be stirred. Compare this with on the front burner. *Typically: be ~; put something ~.) The building project is on the back burner for now. This matter was on the back burner for a long time.
See also: back, burner, on

*on the front burner

Fig. receiving particular attention or consideration. (Compare this with on the back burner. *Typically: be ~; put something ~.) So, what's on the front burner for us this week? Move this project to the front burner so it will get some attention.
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on the front burner

also on somebody's front burner
getting or needing immediate attention We want to make sure that aid for Africa is on the front burner. Retirement planning hasn't exactly been on Kessler's front burner.
Usage notes: sometimes used with put: The president has finally put this issue on the front burner.
Opposite of: on the back burner
See also: burner, front, on

on the back burner

not getting or needing immediate attention After months on the back burner, the debate about e-mail privacy is about to be renewed.
Usage notes: often used with put: She decided to attend Harvard, where she would study political theory and put her acting career on the back burner.
Opposite of: on the front burner
See also: back, burner, on

be on the back burner

if a plan is on the back burner, no one is dealing with it at present, but it has not been completely forgotten For the moment, strike action is on the back burner.
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back burner, on a

In a position of low priority. For example, I haven't forgotten his letter; I've just put it on a back burner for now. This term alludes to a cook's putting items requiring less attention at the back of the stove. [Colloquial; mid-1900s] Also see front burner.
See also: back, on

cook with gas

Also, cook on the front burner. Do very well, make rapid progress. For example, The first half is finished already? Now you're cooking with gas, or Two promotions in two years-she's really cooking on the front burner! The first of these metaphoric phrases alludes to gas stoves, which began to replace slower wood-burning stoves about 1915. The variant, which alludes to something on a stove's front burner receiving more attention, is heard less often today. [Slang; 1940s] Also see back burner.
See also: cook, gas

front burner, on a

Also, on the front burner. A position of relatively great importance or high priority. For example, The boss said this project is now on a front burner. This expression alludes to a cook's putting the items requiring the most attention at the front of the stove. [1960s] Also see back burner.
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n. a nickname for a woman who supported the women’s liberation movements of the 1960s and 1970s. (Derogatory.) Didn’t the bra-burners give way to whale-savers in the seventies?


n. a gun; a pistol. (see also burn = to kill.) You got your burner on you?

hay burner

1. n. a worthless racehorse; any old and worn-out horse. I went to a dude ranch, and they gave me an old hay burner to ride.
2. and hay head n. a marijuana smoker. (Drugs.) Some hay head was around trying to sell raffle tickets that looked handmade.
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and nose-warmer
n. a marijuana cigarette stub; a roach. (Drugs.) Hey, man! Can I have a hit of that little nose-burner? He quickly stubbed out a little nose-burner when he heard the garage door open.

on the back burner

mod. out of the way; aside and out of consideration. (see also on the shelf.) We will have to put this on the back burner for a while.
See also: back, burner, on

worm burner

n. a fast, but low-rolling ball in golf, baseball, etc. Walter sent a worm burner down the third-base line.
See also: burner, worm

on the back burner

As a low priority: kept the project on the back burner all summer.
See also: back, burner, on

on the front burner

As a high priority.
See also: burner, front, on
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However, burner management technology is emerging that can answer these growing concerns.
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Working closely with the format working group as well as the verification authorities and leading burner manufacturers, consumers can be confident that Verbatim 16X DVD+R media will perform as expected.
A dual-sided burner arrangement has two burners mounted on the sidewalls along the width of the furnace with a central flue positioned hallway along the length of the side wall.
Some CD burners are called CD-Rs, and some are called CD-RWS.
The death of the Creswell wigwam burner - it was torn down a month later - launched Deatherage on an odyssey that's consumed his life, taking him hundreds of miles throughout the Northwest to search out the last relics of a bygone age in the timber business: the scores of wigwam burners that now sit rusting and abandoned.
In fact when all the relatives arrived at our home after my daughter's graduation, we immediately got two burners working and started cooking in record time to feed a lot of people.
Application: This study helps mills determine the optimum placement of NCG burners for odor and NOx control.