burn bridges

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burn one's bridges

 (behind one)
1. Lit. to cutoff the way back to where you came from, making it impossible to retreat. The army, which had burned its bridges behind it, couldn't go back. By blowing up the road, the spies had burned their bridges behind them.
2. Fig. to act unpleasantly in a situation that you are leaving, ensuring that you'll never be welcome to return. If you get mad and quit your job, you'll be burning your bridges behind you. No sense burning your bridges. Be polite and leave quietly.
3. Fig. to make decisions that cannot be changed in the future. If you drop out of school now, you'll be burning your bridges behind you. You're too young to burn your bridges that way.
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burn your bridges

to permanently and unpleasantly end your relationship with a person or organization Welles had burned his bridges so badly with the movie studios that they laughed when you mentioned his name.
Etymology: based on the military action of burning a bridge you have just crossed to prevent the enemy from crossing it after you
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burn (one's) bridges

To eliminate the possibility of return or retreat.
See also: bridge, burn
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Such is the paucity of talent available to Warren Gatland, he can ill afford to burn bridges as, should an outstanding Welsh youngster be uncovered by a top English club, then Wales cannot overlook them.
A rude or insensitive departure may burn bridges that could be useful later on.
Focus on reciprocity--make referrals for other firms and don't burn bridges.
These include six lessons gleaned from the interviews: 1) begin by beginnings, 2) go to the damned meetings, 3) do your homework, 4) keep on keeping on, 5) be scrupulous in argument, and 6) don't burn bridges, build them.
The Ibrox boss said: "I'll never burn bridges or cut off my nose just to spite my face.
You don't burn bridges with the players - it's the fans,' admitted Bull.