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big and burly

Large, strong, and imposing in size and stature. I know that Mike looks big and burly, but he's one of the gentlest people I've ever met.
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hurly burly

A noisy confusion. To hurl is to throw, and “hurly burly” is based on the image of a mob throwing things around chaotically. The phrase appears in the opening scene of Shakespeare's Macbeth when the witches chant, “When shall we three meet again / In thunder, lightning, or in rain? / When the hurlyburly's done, / When the battle's lost and won.”
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But in the traditional spirit of the event the burlier players make sure the younger ones also get to join in the fun.
The slender sole, breadcrumbed and flash-fried was a crisp intro to the burlier, meaty-moist cod in traditional batter and a float-away, tempura battered salmon that was terrific.
Let's say that he represents the burlier type of golfer (official records put him at 16st 7lb) and there's quite a large section of the community still prepared to admire a man more for his golf than the number, the size and the positioning of his muscles.
As players win races, they can purchase one of four levels of trucks, adding features like burlier tires and wheels, light bars, brush guards, lift kits and more to produce both visual and performance improvements on the vehicle.
Bench: The Kings' vaunted Bench Mob is younger, burlier and more athletic; the Lakers' unsung group is decidedly veteran and cerebral.
Margaret Beckett, who is emerging as a possible stop-Bercow candidate, was at the back, happy to let taller and burlier colleagues block her view.
Hughes said: ``As he's a bigger, burlier horse this season we decided another run before the Festival would be the right thing for him.
Darren Garforth is replaced at tight head by the burlier Phil Vickery, from Gloucester who wins his first cap and the hooking responsibilities are returned to the noisy keeping of Richard Cockerill.
He is in good form and a bit bigger, therefore a bit burlier, this year.
He said yesterday: ``Hardy Eustace is a bigger, burlier horse this year and he will need another run.