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All now that remained was to ascertain the precise spot where the treasure lay buried, for otherwise he might dig at random in the neighborhood of the crosses, without coming upon the spoils, and he had already had enough of such profitless labor.
The doctor listened to their statement of the symptoms of Wolfert's malady with profound attention, but when they came to mention his raving about buried money the little man pricked up his ears.
He had passed some years of his youth among the Harz[1] mountains of Germany, and had derived much valuable instruction from the miners touching the mode of seeking treasure buried in the earth.
In spite of all Wolfert's caution in taking note of the landmarks, it was some time before they could find the open place among the trees, where the treasure was supposed to be buried.
He now ordered his companions to keep close by him, and to maintain the most inflexible silence; that certain precautions must be taken and ceremonies used to prevent the evil spirits which kept about buried treasure from doing them any harm.
Whether any treasure were ever actually buried at that place; whether, if so, it were carried off at night by those who had buried it; or whether it still remains there under the guardianship of gnomes and spirits until it shall be properly sought for, is all matter of conjecture.
Poor Amy buried her face and her grief in the bed curtain.
This time, though we were continually half- buried, there was no trough in which to be swept, and we drifted squarely down upon the upturned boat, badly smashing it as it was heaved inboard.
They lie buried under a leaf-littered forest floor, a sand dune, or layers of sediment.
Outside one Chicagoland cemetery, a young woman buried there sometimes waves down passing cars late at night.
Irregular bumps offered clues to the buried city's exact location.
A YOUNG mother finally won the right yesterday to be buried beside her baby son after a two-month battle with the Catholic Church.
Partially Buried Woodshed, 1970, realized just before Spiral Jetty, is a good example: the work--it is adequately described by its title--involves the partial interment of a modest architectural structure, a process that turns out to give the building an undeniable allegorical power (in the manner of the "buried architecture" projects imagined by Etienne-Louis Boullee at the end of the 18th century).
Rank: Private Regiment: Royal Welsh Fusiliers Age: 18 Date of death: 21-12-1914 Buried at: Ploegsteert Memorial Charles Christenson Son of M Walton (formerly Christenson), of 103 Ethel Street, and the late Charles Christenson.