bunk together

bunk (up) together

[for two or more people] to share a bed, a bedroom, or a tent. Shall we bunk together? My tent is big and you can bunk up with me.
See also: bunk, together
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Be totally honest and upfront with her, rather than humiliating her by doing a bunk together.
A leaner CFC cast, with just those last 10-20 pounds to lose, battle together, sweat together and even bunk together in a military barracks, all under the watchful eye of hardcore Drill Sgt Harvey Walden IV [Ret].
But Sophie and I worked out you can both get into a bunk together with a tight squeeze.
A person can build a wooden boat and it will leak, but slap a feed bunk together with a few nails and it will hold water like an iron kettle
That movie character and the venerable vampire hunter Van Helsing wouldn't know each other if they shared a bunk together in Dracula's castle.
They ended up with the short straw and had to bunk together in the cramped aft cabin, damp from storing the sails.
Spielberg stages a number of terrific sequences: several hotel hits that go awry, murky encounters with a strangely nurturing French family that deals in deadly information, an absurd bit where Avner's men and some PLO boys must bunk together and bond.
George forces Sam to help build the house and, worse, insists that they bunk together in a converted garage for the duration of the project.