bunk down

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bunk down (for the night)

to bed down for the night; to go to bed. Where are you going to bunk down for the night? I'm tired and ready to bunk down.
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We told her it was no trouble - we'd bunk down with some pals further on down the hall.
And if you and a few pals decide to bunk down together, private residences are available from EUR45pps per night.
Think: Charo, Brigitte Nielsen, Flavor Flav and other kitschy has-beens and never-weres bunk down in a Hollywood Hills manse and spat mildly.
I've kept her bedroom just as it was though, so she can come and bunk down with us any time she wants.
I've kept daugher Kate's bedroom just as it was though, so she can come and bunk down with us any time she wants.
Despite suffering from disabling panic attacks while shadowing Walt on stage, the shy, introverted Bob agrees to move to LA where the brothers bunk down in a motel with fellow wannabe actor April (Eva Mendes).
WEIRD tourists are paying pounds 300 to bunk down with homeless people in London's Cardboard City.
Instead of a luxury suite, the poor honeymooners find themselves having to bunk down in the staff quarters.
And she will have to forego the luxury of her usual haunt - Beverly Hills' pounds 2,000-a-night SLS Hotel - to bunk down at the far more modest Clifton House Hotel.
It soon became too steep for her to carry on and with light fading, she decided to head up the hill and find a shelter to bunk down for the night.
So everyone is ordered to pair off, a boy and a girl to bunk down in each cabin (presumably platonically, at least at first).
GOING NOWHERE: Holidaymakers stuck at Palma airport have no choice but to bunk down with their luggage
Passengers, many with young children, were forced to bunk down on the floor and on chairs while waiting for an Air Scandic flight to Tenerife.
I'd start looking for a friend's sofa to bunk down on should you be shown the door.
The longer your younger son continues to bunk down beside his mum, the harder it will be to eventually shift him.