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I know you might have built these bumps because of crazy drivers, careening though our capital's streets too fast.
Dr Helen Ashdown of the Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford said: "It may sound odd, but asking patients whether their pain worsened going over speed bumps on their way in to hospital could help doctors in a diagnosis.
I paid pounds 50 to have the tracking done on my car and when I asked for a guarantee was told they he couldn't give me one as the first speed bump I went over could knock it out of alignment again.
Fixture vendors need to be a partner in soldered bump development.
Carys Tudor Williams lives just off Sontley Road, in Wrexham, where 300 people signed a petition for the removal of speed bumps in 2005.
Bumps said he expects the lofts to become available in the spring of 2008.
A wheel fell off a bus in June this year as it went over bumps in Plymouth.
Bumps for Boomers is a two-day program, with a maximum of four participants per instructor.
Thinking the bump had been accidental, Pimentel got off the freeway, but the truck followed and bumped his vehicle a second time, he told deputies.
has received an order for two NSX Series bump inspection systems from Flip Chip Technologies, Phoenix, Ariz.
a leading supplier of essential process management tools for the semiconductor industry, has introduced QuickLook, a process visualization workstation for analyses of bumped wafer inspection data and images from QuickSilver Bump Inspection Systems on the production floor.
The chrysalides Buffalo Bill cherishes bear more than a passing resemblance to Kawakubo's bumps or pods.
But what about goose bumps, made famous by Goosebumps author R.
The other Bumps returned hours later, as the sun peeked over the rooftops.
UAT offers gold bumps, copper pillar bumps and solder bumps (through ball drop, plating and solder paste printing).