bump off

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bump someone off

 and knock someone off
Sl. to kill someone. They tried to bump her off, but she was too clever and got away. The crooks threatened to bump off the witness to the crime.
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bump off somebody

also bump somebody off
to kill someone Unbelievable as it is, this woman decided that she was going to bump off her husband's girlfriend.
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bump off

Kill, murder, as in The convict bragged about bumping off his partner, or The first fighter plane bumped off three enemy aircraft. This term was at first principally criminal slang and somewhat later military jargon. [Slang; c. 1900]
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bump off

1. To remove someone or something from a list or hierarchy due to lack of time or space: To make room for people who would pay for seats, the concert manager bumped off everybody on the guest list. The airline had to bump me off because the flight was oversold.
2. To break someone's connection between a computer and the Internet or other network: Something strange happened on my computer and it has bumped me off the Internet. I got bumped off before I could finish downloading the file.
3. Slang To murder someone: The gang threatened to bump off anyone who interfered with their plan. The ringleader hired someone to bump his enemies off.
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But rather than go through a costly divorce, she got her mum, Janelle Thompson, to bump off her hubby Stephen.
The boys accidentally kill a hooker (with a hook, no less), then bump off a security guard to cover their tracks.
Would Sylar (Zachary Quinto) bump off everybody with super powers so he could have them for himself?
But she'd better watch out as Chris, 47, plays a photographer who discovers he is terminally ill and sets out to bump off his enemies.
Phil Mitchell has been offered five grand to bump off former soul-mate and undercover cop Kate and Joe and Karen are still plotting to defraud the lovely Mike Baldwin out of his knicker empire.
However, the chauffeur is horrified to discover his sharp-suited client is an assassin for hire who will bump off anyone for the right price and go to any length to get the job done.
The BBC soap will finally bump off Grantham's Dirty Den character next year - just 12 months after his comeback.
It goes without saying that Three And Out is awfully tasteless, with Mackenzie running around London looking for someone to bump off to the tune of One Way Or Another, and Sir Anthony Sher popping up in a pointless cameo as a French cannibal.