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Or maybe you're just into fascinating farm facts - whatever your interest, rest assured: Denver's stock show won't give you a bum steer.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- From absent atheists to zany zoning, Texas Monthly resents this year's best of the worst in "The 1997 Bum Steer Awards.
One reason why earlier research may have given physicians a bum steer on the diet/ADHD connection is that foods now considered to be a concern were not eliminated in the earlier diets tested: milk, chocolate, wheat, rye, corn, citrus, legumes and eggs.
CHIEF CONCERNS McCoist was given a bum steer by (from bottom left) Green and Mather but believes new CEO Wallace will be more up front with him
He even survived being called Tom by Des Scahill after the racecourse commentator was given a bit of a bum steer by one of the Turf Club officials
Meanwhile I was given a bum steer about the forthcoming Jenkins Requiem tour when I was informed it would be accompanied by the piece commissioned for the Wales Millennium Centre, In These Stones Horizons Sing.
Lee said: 'Many people thought it was a bum steer when we were linked with Paul Merson, but I am very serious about it.
Members of South Sefton Primary Care Trust didn't want to give people a bum steer - so they checked with the public before they unleashed a proposed health poster (pictured bottom, if you'll excuse the pun).
BUM STEER George Edwards, who took the fake snap of Nessie
A MOTORIST with a chronic fear of bridges and tunnels got a bum steer when his satnav directed him to the Dartford Crossing - which has both.
And head groundsman Steve Rouse, whose words in advance of the action that the pitch would be "like jelly" and of no help to bowlers, appeared to have unintentionally given everyone something of a bum steer.
You can't give members a bum steer on this,'' he advised.
The epithet 'essential' is both fitting and a bit of a bum steer since pretty much everything the band released deserves the title and, unless you're a hardcore anarchovegan punk who deemed the band to have sold out when they signed their major deal, as a signpost to a fairly short journey this double CD works a treat.
However, with apparent contempt for Pleat's comments, Hoddle said: ``If someone wants to give you a bum steer, then so be it.