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bulldoze (one's) way through (something)

To force one's way through some task or thing, especially clumsily and/or carelessly. Don't just bulldoze your way through this assignment—research the data carefully. I bulldozed my way through the obstacle course and ended up skinning both my knees.
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bulldoze into something

Fig. to move clumsily into something. Don't just bulldoze into me! Watch where you are going! Todd bulldozed into the wall, denting it badly.
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bulldoze through something

Fig. to push clumsily and carelessly through something. Don't just bulldoze through your work! I wish you wouldn't bulldoze through the room.
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tv. to apply pressure or force to get someone to do something. You think you can bulldoze people into doing what you want!
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The experiment was conducted in a laboratory using a work bench designed specially for bulldozing plates as shown in Fig.
The bulldozing resistance experiments were carried out using self-made testing equipment.
Sources said that a big number of soldiers started bulldozing the lands following the break in.
Eyewitnesses confirmed that several Israeli bulldozers and military vehicles advanced to the East of Beit Hanoun town, Northern Gaza Strip, where they conducted bulldozing operations in the area, PIC reported.
Three bulldozers, under the protection of Israeli military tanks, crossed 300 meters into the camp, bulldozing land and setting up sand barricades as they fired at farmers who were at the scene.
This struck me as odd because it is exactly what he said after the seething public outcry which followed the initial bulldozing raid two years ago.
Lahore, December 30, 2009 (Frontier Star): Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer lambasted the provincial government decision of bulldozing of shopping malls and plazas and termed it as an act to converting Lahore into graveyard.
Instead, the Government has spent over pounds 125 million it has no hope of ever recovering, on bulldozing yet another pillar of British industry
The ruling came just weeks after celebrities, community advocates and tree-climbing activists failed to stop the bulldozing of what was the largest urban garden in the nation.
Bulldozing through heavy brush can damage the blade-down limit switch that's mounted below the cab door.
The process was carried out with the usual hardship and injustice: the forcible removal of Arab families (some 1,200), expropriation of land and dwellings, and the bulldozing of olive trees with its destruction of their livelihoods.
In addition, the claim of bulldozing trails through this disputed acreage was not convincing since there was no evidence, such as maps or surveys, that showed the extent of this activity.
A few years ago, when the Baurs acquired a partly wooded tract of 100 acres for constructing Maryville Centre, they might have started as most developers do, by bulldozing off the vegetation to bare, erodible subsoil.
All hands then worked towards fire protection by bulldozing trees, clearing debris away from the mineshafts and power poles, and spraying fire retardant on exposed mine timbers.
Researcher Khaled Ma'ali said that Israeli occupation has been on the roll bulldozing more than 11 areas in Salfit district.