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bulldoze (one's) way through (something)

To force one's way through some task or thing, especially clumsily and/or carelessly. Don't just bulldoze your way through this assignment—research the data carefully. I bulldozed my way through the obstacle course and ended up skinning both my knees.
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bulldoze into something

Fig. to move clumsily into something. Don't just bulldoze into me! Watch where you are going! Todd bulldozed into the wall, denting it badly.
See also: bulldoze

bulldoze through something

Fig. to push clumsily and carelessly through something. Don't just bulldoze through your work! I wish you wouldn't bulldoze through the room.
See also: bulldoze


tv. to apply pressure or force to get someone to do something. You think you can bulldoze people into doing what you want!
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TEHRAN (FNA)- Israeli Forces advanced on Monday morning into the Northern Gaza Strip and bulldozed Palestinian lands.
al-Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, demolished houses and bulldozed trees,
4th -- (BNA) Israeli occupation forces uprooted olive orchards from Jib'a village in west Bethlehem and bulldozed vast lands in the village on pretext of them being considered as "disputed" lands.
The rail enthusiast comes face-to-face with tearful residents whose homes will be bulldozed in the plan for the non-stop 250mph London to Birmingham train service.
We have been living under the open sky in the debris of our bulldozed houses, we have no alternative places in such a sizzling hot and humid weather," they added.
A FORMER high school which educated thousands of pupils has been saved from being bulldozed and turned solely into houses.
A DERELICT city estate pub has been bulldozed as the council gears up for a massive pounds 100 million housing regeneration scheme.
ABANDONED houses being used for illegal activities could soon be bulldozed without a court order.
Now the Chronicle can exclusively reveal the car park will definitely be bulldozed as part of plans to revamp the town centre.
Although we've been flooded, we don't want our home bulldozed.
Another pillar of British industry has been bulldozed
Farmers lawyer Dan Stormer said he would take the appeals process as far as he could to restore the community farm, which has been bulldozed.
Two weeks later, the Terengganu government finally bulldozed the kingdom.
Do you know how hard it was to stand in the Schindler house on Kings Road without being slightly distracted by the jealous knowledge that this building had survived while Gill's Dodge House across the street had been bulldozed in the early '70s?
However, as to remainder of the 52 acres, the only evidence contained in the record was that the Krols used that area for firewood and that they bulldozed some trails throughout that disputed area.