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bulldoze (one's) way through (something)

To force one's way through some task or thing, especially clumsily and/or carelessly. Don't just bulldoze your way through this assignment—research the data carefully. I bulldozed my way through the obstacle course and ended up skinning both my knees.
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bulldoze into something

Fig. to move clumsily into something. Don't just bulldoze into me! Watch where you are going! Todd bulldozed into the wall, denting it badly.
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bulldoze through something

Fig. to push clumsily and carelessly through something. Don't just bulldoze through your work! I wish you wouldn't bulldoze through the room.
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tv. to apply pressure or force to get someone to do something. You think you can bulldoze people into doing what you want!
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Liverpool council yesterday announced it would carefully dismantle the Madryn Street terrace rather than bulldoze it along with almost 500 other properties.
But despite their pleas, planning chiefs from Knowsley approved the proposals to redevelop the hospital and bulldoze the chapel.
Peter Douglas Osborn, Weoley Tory councillor, condemned the decision to bulldoze the house, described by locals as a 'jewel in the crown' of south west Birmingham.
Now under development are courses atop landfills, courses designed to purify waste water from nearby sewage treatment plants and, most common, courses that enhance their natural environment rather than bulldoze it, then keep the grounds in check with the preventative Integrated Pest Management system, which involves careful native plant selection and water management to replace wall-to-wall sprays of pesticides.
Fish & Wildlife Service, then they cut down the trees that the Red-Tailed hawks were nesting in, and now Catellus continues to bulldoze around the Indian burial sites even as they find more.
ON my selection as the Conservative candidate for Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland, the first thing that fell into my in-tray was Middlesbrough Council's plan to bulldoze 600 trees at Longridge Woods in a bid to make the site more desirable for house builders.
Top of their target list should be the unwelcome, unwise and unwanted 'New Heartlands' demolition scheme, which is set to bulldoze 20,000 homes across the region and replace them with rabbit hutch hovels, at taxpayers' expense.
Lord Rogers cast doubt over Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott's proposals to bulldoze old, dilapidated houses in Merseyside.
So, we worked out a plan that said to the developers, "as you bulldoze tortoise habitat for subdivisions, we will levy a surcharge on each lot, like a surcharge for water, sewage and roads, that we will use further out to buy up private lands that are inholdings in the public domain to set up tortoise reserves.
Al Khader's Mayor, Ramzi Salah, said that "Israeli forces deliberately bulldoze and confiscate lands before the grape season to inflict heavy losses to the Palestinian farmers and force them to leave their lands for Israel to take over.
Last week, the heir to the throne and the ex-Beatle referred to John Prescott's plans to bulldoze old dilapidated buildings.
RESIDENTS have vowed to fight plans to bulldoze a 19th century chapel at a Merseyside hospital.
The hope is to bulldoze the area - a haven for gangs of teenagers - and build new homes.
Yesterday,Coun Rhiannon Hughes said: ``You just can't go and bulldoze a protected wildlife site.